Obesity-Lose Weight-Shalabhasana-Dhanurasana-Paschimottanasana-Benefits of Yoga for Diabetes


Dear Readers, Exercise is great benefit in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It helps to metabolism glucose in the body and it manages sugar levels. It increases the efficiency of the body and it is beneficial for type 2 diabetes as it augments the tissue sensitivity to insulin. It pushes the glucose into the cells from blood stream and helps to reduce glucose level in the blood.

Dhanurasana Bow-shape Posture
Dhanurasana Bow-shape Posture

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Dhanurasana Bow-shape Posture

Dhanurasana exercise is good for the back, neck, spine, arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, heart, regulates the pulse and improves digestion. It relieves flatulence and constipation it also improves intestines and pancreas functions.


1.Lie staright on the floor on your stomach, rest the chin on the ground, keep the straight and arms extended alongside the body.

2.Bend the legs back slowly towards the hip side bring them forward towards the head and clasp the ankles with your hands.

3.Inhale, raise the thighs, head and chest at the same time. Keep the same straight position as the weight of the body should rest on the navel region and arch the spine carefully as much as possible without giving much force.

4.Exhale and return slowly to normal position by reversing the procedure.

Precaution: People with high blood pressure, weak heart, ulcers of the bowels and stomach should not practice this exercise.

Shalabhasana-Locust pose
Shalabhasana-Locust pose

Shalabhasana-Locust pose

Shalabhasana is beneficial in treating of rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, diabetes and stomach and digestive problems. It provide strength to whole body specially the chest, waist, back and neck. It gives peace and tranquillity and prolong life.


1.Lie flat on the floor on your stomach. With your feet together, stretch out legs in straight position, nose and chin rest on the ground and look straightahead.

2.Place arms under the body and keep them in straight position.

3.Clench hands into fists and place both the hands close to the thighs.

4.Keep the legs in straight position and raise slowly together by stretching them as far back as possible without bending the toes and knees.

5.Hold this position for few seconds and repeat the same five times.

Precaution: People suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure should not practice this asana.

Paschimottanasana Posterior-stretching Pose
Paschimottanasana Posterior-stretching Pose

Paschimottanasana Posterior-stretching Pose

 Paschimottanasana is beneficial for posterior muscles, tones up the nervous system, relieves constipation dyspepsia and abdominal problems. This exercise relaxed the muscles and the tense muscles become supple. Practice this asana slowly and carefully don’t force much.


1.Sit erect

2.stretch legs in front in straight position keeping them together.

3.Bend the head and trunk forward from the waist and the big toes with both the hands without bending the knees.

4.Rest forehead on your knees without bending the knees by holding the toes.

5.Hold the same position for few seconds.

6.Return to the normal position.

Precaution: People suffering from slipped discs and low back pain and pregnant women should not practice this asana.

Note: If any serious health problems please consult to your doctor immediately. In case of Pregnant women or any other serious health problem then the above given tips should be followed under the guidance of your health-care practitioners.

So, these were the tips on Obesity-Lose Weight-Shalabhasana-Dhanurasana-Paschimottanasana-Benefits of Yoga for Diabetes. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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    Hi Sazia

    Today I went back to my yoga class for the first time after the Christmas holiday and I feel SO much better for it, in every respect.

    I really recommend trying yoga to anyone who isn’t already doing it.


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      Hi Sonal Talwar, Thanks for visiting and for your feedback yes it is very useful for the people who are suffering from diabetes. It is also useful for healthy people to keep themselves healthy and fit.


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