Dear Readers, Today I will discuss about onion health.Onions are very useful and have amazing qualities in it.It is useful not only in curries but also useful  for so many diseases how?? I will explain what all the benefits and uses of onion and home remedies in this article.


Cough swelling of neck,breaking of voice and stomach problems are cured by onions.Onion makes human more fair and beautiful.The onion has been cultivated since the dawn of human history.
Since ancient times its medicinal property has been valued.Onion contain mullein,fat mineral,salt,carbohydrates,iron,vitamins,calcium phosphors and calories.There are two varieties of onions white and red.

White onion and Red onion

White onion kills the burning sensation,improves health,cures acidity.It solves acidity problem and improve the sperm count.It is useful to get rid of any pain in the body.
White onion with ghee take in the morning to tone up virility.To make body strong take it for 7 days.One who takes white onions with ghee regularly rarely falls ill and it induce sleep.
White onion is remedy for tuberculosis,cardiac troubles,dyspepsia,leprosy,piles,swelling and blood impurities.
Red onion cures insomnia and increase digestion power.It increase the hunger of a person.It has the equal strength of 2 eggs.Red onions are more alkaline in nature,strong and sweet.We can take raw and chopped onion by adding salt and vinegar.

Benefits of onion

Onions increases the mental power,vigour and lusture of the body.Onion cure many indigestion and constipation problems.
Onion solves tastelessness problem and less hunger problems.Onion nutrition also useful in breathing and dryness problems.
It also reduce marks on the face. Even it is useful in curing skin diseases.We can make onion chutney as well.
Onion juice and onion salad is good for nerves.It gives strength.Onion increase the power of intercourse.It reduce teeth germs and improves the beauty of a person.

Home remedies of onion health

If virile disorders. Take onion juice with honey daily in the morning for three weeks.This will increase virility.
If anyone suffering from sunstroke take chopped onions.Eating onion in the morning and night is beneficial for jaundice.
Onion juice with sugar is a capital remedy for bleeding piles.The onion is beneficial to the aged and Intestinal disorders.
It is also useful in indigestion and biliousness and respiratory disorders.If onion preserved for long time it loses its vitamin “c”
To be disease free and to keep blood clean a person should have at least one onion per day.Raw onion take 1 each day to prevent from typhoid fever.
Apply onion juice on face and neck to get rid of marks. Onion also prevent from  heart attack.Spring onion also good for health.
So, these were the tips on Onion health. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.
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