Overcome Back Pain its Agony and Causes


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Spinal Deformity, Muscle Tension, Ligament Strain Effect, Disc Injury, Facet Injuries is one of the Cause, What is Lumbar Spondylosis, Overcome Back Pain. Backache is a perennial problem as widespread like common cold.

As per survey around the world out five people four are suffering by severe backache at some time in their lives. In the USA estimated 75 million victims suffering from back pain in which 2 millions are suffering from severe spine problems. In UK out of three people one person suffering from backache.

Overcome Back pain its Agony and Causes.
Overcome Back pain its Agony and Causes

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In India the problem is more and even younger people suffering from backache. Most of them treat it with some form of self-help. Out of fifty people 1 or 2 bother to consult their doctors.

Doctors today are anxious they always establish a diagnosis as there are hundreds of separate causes for back pain. Some of the common causes of backache are:

Spinal Deformity   

Spine lateral deformity, lumbar spine hollowing, upper back excessive rounding, which increase the postural strain risk. Some patients suffer lifetime due to spinal deformity. Copenhagen university research has shown the uncomplicated scoliosis so common in subjects of pain-free just as back ache patients suffering.

Muscle Tension

The site of sustained muscular contraction is lower back part. As one doctor said “Lumbago headache tension often slipped lower down the back”.

Overcome Back Pain its Agony and Causes
Overcome Back Pain its Agony and Causes

Ligament Strain Effect

With the back arched standing for long period or slumped position sitting are postural strain which can provoke ligament strain. Tough flexible fibrous tissues which bend bones together is called ligament.

Disc Injury

The treatment of back pain setback when orthopaedic surgeons in 1934, disclosed about spinal nerve pain result of prolapsed disc. Disc prolapses are common and painless than a source of discomfort.

Facet Injuries is one of the Cause

In 1927, in a medical journal a paper was published in which they point out back pain could be result of injuries on both sides of the spine to the facet joints. Torsional strains one the cause of these tiny joints damage. The joints swell which leads to painful pressure on the spinal nerves.

What is Lumbar Spondylosis

It is lower spine joint disease. As time goes certain degenerative changes undergoes: thin discs and arthritic spinal joints appear in between 20 to 30 age and common in 60 years of age. Lumbar spondylosis X-ray proved that lumbar spondylosis  is as common as lower back pain patients complaints.

Overcome Back Pain

To overcome back pain you don’t have to understand pathophysiology of the human spine. Follow tested and tried remedies, which gives back pain relief in majority of cases.

Edwin Smith papyrus* was written nearly 5000 years ago which carry advice for back pain sufferers. It gives practical advice to back pain patients.

Some people think that they must resign themselves to lifetime backache because they are aged, their sway back, spinal injury, their degenerating discs or arthritis this is rarely true. Be totally active, fully mobile and realistic goal is completely free of back pain.

This is not the end there are so many things which need to know to overcome back pain. To know more about Backache, Lower Back pain and how to overcome back pain Read my next articles.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. In case of Pregnant women or any other serious health problem then the above tips should be followed under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the Overcome Back pain its Agony and Causes. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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