Dear Readers, Today I am going to discuss about paralysis prevention and how to take care. Brain has complete control on our body. Paralysis is due to blockage in some places of the brain. 
Organs which related to brain gets affect. Due to this reason the person suffers from Paralysis. If brain does not get blood circulation then the person become paralytic and disorder shows on hands and legs.



Paralysis patients cannot work on their own, they depends on others for their routine jobs. Nerves and veins of the body becomes dry due to which blood circulation stops and joints becomes weak. 

The body parts which affect paralysis, like hand leg becomes lifeless. The patient looses grip and cannot hold anything. The patient looses sense on affected parts of the body.
When the paralysis attack the face, then the patient becomes incapable of talking.He cant speak clearly as his tongue and lips looses proper grip. 
The patients sense organs become defective due to paralysis. The patients gets back pain, teeth pain and the neck becomes crooked.
There are different types of paralysis. muscles paralysis, facial paralysis, legs and hand paralysis and sleep paralysis. Treatment paralysis immediately when symptoms occur may save the people from affect of this disease.

Paralysis Symptoms

The hands and legs becomes grip and sensation less due to paralysis and the patient cannot hold clothes also.
The patient lips hang downward and tongue and lips becomes grip less. while speaking saliva flows out of the patients mouth.
The patients becomes like handicapped person and cannot walk, sit, and move on their own.
The entire part of the body becomes paralytic or becomes only hands and legs numb. Immediately consult doctor if such symptom occur may save one from this paralysis disease.

Reasons for Paralysis

1.Brain disorder
2.High Increase in sugar level
3.Cholestrol level increase in blood
4.Brain hemorrhage
5.High blood pressure
6.Unhelthy eating habit and life style
7.Blood impurities, sickle cell
8.Heavy mental work
9.More thinking and pondering
10.Some types of serious injury of sense organs
11.Toxic drinks, More intake of  Alcohol
12.More cold drinks habit, More intake of Food that cause acidity
13.Nervous and mental weakness

Restriction on Food for paralysis patients

The patient should not eat sour things like dry mango powder, grape, lemon, curd. Gram, soybean, Potato, green pea and raw jack fruit.
Patient should live in warm place and avoid cold foods and drinks. The patient should not live in AC rooms.


Paralysis mostly caused by serious injury or accidents. Follow traffic rules and use helmet and seat belt while driving. 
Keep checking blood sugar, blood pressure and other diseases which may also cause paralysis.
Take healthy food, Eat food which makes nerves strong, sleep on time, Don’t take more stress and mental tension.
Eat food like Meat, Sea food, dairy products, whole grain and enriched grain products, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables.
Regular exercises which makes muscles and body strong. Follow meditation and  good healthy habits.
So, these were the tips on paralysis. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.
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