Engagement Make-up and Party Make-up


Dear Readers, Today Let’s discuss about Party Make-up and Engagement Make-up. Make should be suitable to your dressing and occasion.

Engagement Make-up Method
Engagement Make-up Method

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Engagement Make-up Method

Cleanse the face with cleanser suiting to your skin type.

Apply neutralizer suitable to your skin tone.

Cover face marks and problems with LE (Light Egyptian) along with 303 (Yellow) concealer.

Liquid base foundation need to apply all over the face.

Apply dry cake carefully and do the polishing. Spray water on face and dab it with muslin cloth.

On highlighting points apply golden shimmer powder.

On the inner corners of the eye apply pink or light pink eyeshadow and dark pink eyeshadow in the outer corners.

On the eyeball apply the golden pigment.

With the help of eyebrow pencil define the eyebrows.

Apply the eyeliner black or blue gel.

Apply water proof mascara which is good branded quality.

Apply blusher pink or any other suitable color.

Apply the lipstick and apply gloss on it if necessary suitable to the occasion.

Apply kajal if necessary.

Party Make-up Method
Party Make-up Method

Party Make-up Method

Cleanse the face with the cleanser suitable to your skin tone.

Apply neutralizer suiting your skin tone.

With the help of 561 concealer cover the skin problems.

Apply dry cake and with the help of pan cake do the thin layer on it. When the pancake gets dry, even the thin layer with the sponge.

Spray water on face slightly and dab with muslin cloth.

Do the polishing on all over the face with the help of shimmer powder.

On eyes apply the peach-gold eyeshadow. Apply the black or any other color shadow thick eyeliner. Then with the help of smudger smudge it upward.

If wants to make the eyes look longer extend, the black shadow outwards.

With the eyeshadow powder do the liner below the eyes.

Apply silver highlighter if necessary.

With the eyebrow pencil define the eyebrows.

Apply the water proof mascara.

Apply pink or any other decent color blusher.

Apply the nude lipstick with color of your choice suitable to your dressing.

Make good hairstyle, after the dressing and make-up is done. Spray multi-glitter spray on all over the face with two feet distance.

So, This is about Party Make-up and Engagement Make-up. Do you know any tips on Make-up? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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