Pile-Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Pile-Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment and some Home Remedies to get cure Pile, Bleeding Pile, Pain and Swelling. Pile or Hemorrhoids are most common disease now a days in all over the world. External Piles are very painful  but not much bleeding. Internal Piles are Bleeding Piles as there will be discharge of dark blood. In some cases veins burst which results in Bleeding Piles.

Pile-Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment
Pile-Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

Pile-Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Pain at the time of passing stools, in case of any internal problem results in slight bleeding, and a feeling of irritation and soreness after passing stools are the symptoms of pile. Due to pain and itching the patient cannot sit comfortably, pain and discomfort in the rectal region.

Pile-Hemorrhoids Causes

The primary causes of pile is bowel disorders and chronic constipation. To pass a stool the pressure applied to evacuate constipated bowels and the congestion caused by constipation leads to Pile. The use of purgatives to relieve constipation, on the lining of the rectum by their weakening and irritating effect, results in inflammation and enlargement of veins and bleeding of the mucus lining.

During pregnancy Piles are more common and in conditions effecting the upper bowels and liver, standing or sitting for prolonged time, strenuous work,  general weakness and obesity  of the tissues of the body are the other contributory causes of Piles.

Mental  tension also one of the main cause of Hemorrhoids. Persons often strain while passing stools are those who are always in hurry. They rush through defecation instead of making it a relaxed affair. Due to anal muscles pressure surrounding tissues gets effect.

The resultant congestion of veins and the extra rectal pressure ultimately leads to Hemorrhoids. Hereditary also one of the main cause of piles.

Treatment for Pile-Hemorrhoids

Need to treat the basic cause, Chronic constipation, is the only way to get rid of the trouble. Give complete rest to whole digestive tract for few days and the intestines thoroughly cleansed. Patient should take all-fruit diet for one week. After all-fruit diet  the patient should take natural foods aimed at securing soft stools.

Pile Home Remedy

*Dry fig remedy is excellent for Pile. Clean 4 figs in hot water and soak in milk over night next day morning should take along with same milk. Should take in the evening in same manner. Continue for 3 months.

Bleeding Pile Home Remedy

*Mango seeds are an effective Remedy for Bleeding Piles. Dry mango seeds in shade and make powder. Store it in a jar. 2 gram powder mix with honey and give to patient to get rid of Pile problem.

*Jambul fruit with salt should take every morning on empty stomach for three months. It is marvelous remedy for Bleeding Piles and save the user from Bleeding Pile during their entire life.

Piles, Pain and Swelling Home Remedy

*Radish is valuable remedy for Pile. Grate radish mix with honey and take every day. Radish juice with salt also useful for Piles. 90ml juice twice in a day. White radish paste in milk and need apply over inflamed Pile masses to get relief from pain and swelling.

Water Treatment for Pile

*Need to take 10 glasses of water every day. He should not feel strain to pass stools. Cold water treat is by sitting with knees in a tub filled with cold water for two minutes and the water level should cover the hips. Regularly twice in a day. Need to follow exercises for pile like Sarvangasana, Halasana, Vipritakarani and Gomukhasana.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Pile-Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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      Hi Ronda Blasis. How are you. There are two types of hemorrhoids internal and external. External Piles are very painful but not much bleeding. Internal Piles are Bleeding Piles as there will be discharge of dark blood. In some cases veins burst which results in Bleeding Piles. External hemorrhoids called as thrombosed hemorrhoids. Remedy is useful for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Please go through the whole article before using any remedy. Thanks for visiting Take care.

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      Hi RossLillis, Thanks for visiting. Jambul fruit with salt or Mango seeds remedy use for three months to get rid of internal hemmorrhoids. If the condition is severe then follow doctor suggestion.

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