Prepare skin before Makeup


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Prepare skin before Makeup, Skin Color, There are five types of Concealers to cover Skin Problems, Concept for Skin, Materials used for Make-up, Things used for Make-up and Steps to Take Care While doing Make-up.

Prepare skin before Makeup
Prepare skin before Makeup

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Skin Color

There four types of skin color tones.

  1. Fair and soft skin
  2. Wheatish skin
  3. Dark wheatish skin
  4. Very dark wheatish skin
  5. Fair Skin: For fare skin FS (fair skin) series and concealers need to use. The numbers for fair skin (FS) series Concealers are 22, 29, 38, 626 A, B etc.
  6. wheatish Skin: Wheatish skin concealers are FS 25, 40, 626 C etc.
  7. Dark Wheatish Skin: This skin is darker than wheatish skin. For this type of skin the numbers of concealers are FS 27, 46, 626 D Chinese LE (Light Egyptian) etc.
  8. Very Dark Wheatish Skin: For such skin the concealers are FS 27, 665 G, 665 F, DE (Dark Egyptian) Negro 1 Negro 2 etc.

There are five types of Concealers to cover Skin Problems

Yellow = 303 for Fair Skin

D 32 = for Negro color Skin. This should be use before base to get glow.

Chinese = to cover dark circles under eye.

561 = For fair and lovely skin, to elevate below eye deep portion.

Negro = Used for face-cutting.

All the shades called foundation except Negro.

Concept for Skin

Make-up varies for different occasions such as light matte effect which is suitable for day time. Glittery and heavy base make-up is suitable for night.

Materials used for Make-up

Foundation                        Dry cake

Neutralizer                        Concealer

Make-up Fixer                   Shimmer powder

Cake Shimmer                   Eye-shadow

Eyeliner                             Eyeliner sealer

Highlighter                         Color for eyebrow

Blusher                              Mascara

Lip pencil                           Lipstick for lips

Lip gloss                            Make-up remover

Brow set                            pancake

Brush cleaner

Color pigment Eye shadow

Translucent powder

Things used for Make-up

Powder puff                       Powder brush

Eyebrows brush                 Latex sponge

Pores sponge                    Shading brush

Eyeliner brush                   Tier Smudger

Lip liner brush                   Bindi brush

Mascara brush                  Lip filler brush

Buffing brush                    Blusher

Foundation brush              Eye shadow brush

Oval sponge                     Fan brush

Steps to Take Care While doing Make-up
Steps to Take Care While doing Make-up

Steps to Take Care While doing Make-up

Cleanse the face remove if any dead skin, then allow the make-up.

If eyebrows are not shaped properly go for threading before make-up.

If black hair on the face, go for bleaching first. Bleaching can be done only for above 20 years old.

Apply one shade dark make-up or one shade light make-up as per skin tone.

Apply moisture base make-up in winter season and dry base make-up in summer season.

Use always branded quality make-up kits.

Check expiry date before purchase.

Use water proof mascara and eyeliner.

Clean the make-up brushes after every use.

Clean the sponge with antiseptic to avoid infection.

For oily skin, deep cleansing with astringent face wash and for dry skin, use face wash cleansing milk.

The make-up gets patchy if heavy concealer used so spread it on face softly.

Ice closes the skin pores temporarily so don’t apply it before make-up. After the skin becomes normal hot then the pores gets open and make-up gives a patchy look.

These are the tips for how to Prepare skin before Makeup. Share your views on the topic. Do you know any make-up tip? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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