Prevention of Visual Defects-Vision Problems


Dear Readers, The candidates, who need to take more care about eyes are all students and the people who work on computer engage their eyes on work for long time. People like scholars, accountants, teachers, diamond assorters, typists, computer personnel, clerks and stenographers take more work from eyes. Forty years old age adults and children whose parents have visual defects.

Reading Book
Reading Book

Prevent Visual Defects

  • It is necessary to gain knowledge about the correct use of eyes. If you are using your eyes incorrectly then correct yourself.
  • Start following such habit which is good for eye sight and eyes.
  • Use the various methods to refresh and rest the tired eyes.
  • Try balance visual style take part in social activities and outdoor and be away from reading unessential books for long time.
  • Proper treatment for eyes with magnets and acupressure points can keep visual defects at bay.
  • Perform eye exercises which is mentioned in previous articles to enhance the eye muscles balance which keeps the eyes healthy
  • Examine your eyes at least once in a year by a professional. Reading all the letters on the chart from distant place is not a good vision proof.
  • Good vision is the ability to change near to far focus on objects easily.
  • The person who is able to read all letters mention on chart also suffering from visual disorders.
Visual Defects Prevention
Visual Defects Prevention

Strain Eyes

When the eyes get strain it will send pain message to stop reading any more but the person simply press on to the next page.

After reading for long period there will be a temporary blurred slightly when trying to shift the focus on distant place. The eyes deny seeing clearly as it is tired.

The stress which is caused by continues close range work at the same rate and the person continuously reading, the ability of focussing on the distant objects weakens. Eyes say I am tired and i need rest.

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  1. says

    Hi Sazia,
    You are right we have to check our vision often
    as we do abuse our eyes with reading and all the computer work nowadays.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    I’m reading this from about 8 inches away from the screen. My eyesight has really deteriorated with age and glasses can no longer completely correct it. I also have the beginnings of cataracts. I’ve spent so much time on the computer for years.

    I must check out your previous articles on eye exercises as my eyes do get very tired.
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  3. says

    Hi Sazia

    What great tips you have shared. I was surprised when you mentioned that Reading letters on the chart isn’t a good proof of good vision. I do agree and it is strange that most people still use such measures as proof of good vision.

    Thank you for the preventive measures as they are spot on. Take Care

  4. says

    Everypoint is explained so nicely .i Readed this article and my eyes are paining 😀 ….. bytheway its really helpful soon avoiding these things ….. thanks sazia

    • says

      Hi manish don’t read for long hours continuously. Reading articles take little time of yours and provides good knowledge about health. I also started making videos..keep visiting..Thank you

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