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Dear Readers, Wearing saree perfectly is an art. Different syles gives beautiful and grand look. Few saree styles suitable only for slim or average weight people. Choose such a design and border saree and wear in such a style which is suitable to your personality.


Single Wrap Saree Style

The opposite end part of the palav wrap around the waist twice. Then fold the palav carefully in equal parts. Now folded end take to the right shoulder from back side and let it drop in the front up to a little below the waist. On the right shoulder pin it up.

The lowest fold of the palav take from below the left hand from backside to the front, and take the fold from below the palav-end to the left side. At last, fold the loose end of the side and on the left side push it in or in the middle waist part.

Note: For this style border saree or thin material saree can be used.

burmese-saree Style
Burmese-Saree Style

Burmese Saree

The opposite end of the palav, wrap two rounds around the waist. Now fold the palav-end in equal folds carefully. On the right shoulder bring the folded palav-end from the back side. Then let it drop in the front till below the knees. Now lowest fold bring further to the front from the backside through below the left hand side.

Then take on the same fold-end to the back side from below the right hand. From below the left hand, bring it to the front again and fold it. Now on the waist push in those folds behind the previously set saree-border. Raised saree border set once more. Now drop the saree border from the right shoulder and the side border coming in the front side from the back will give grand look.

Note: In this style, the saree border from the right shoulder drops till below the knees. This style gives gorgeous look. Saree with good design is suitable for this style.


Necklace Saree Style

This saree style is nearly resembles Burmese saree style. In the Burmese saree style the difference is the palav-end is left loose from the right shoulder dropping in the front and the border should be clearly displayed. Take the palav-border end around the neck. Take the round from the back right side to the back left side. Drop the end at the back up to the waist. It gives beautiful look.

Since the border goes around the neck in this saree style it gives necklace look. Saree must be with beautiful design and border. Do you want to know about Waist-band Style Saree-Gown Saree Style-Up Saree Style Read my next articles.

This is about Saree Styles-Single Wrap Saree Style-Burmese Saree Style-Necklace Saree Style. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article, please share it in order to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beautician course soon.

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