Skin Care and Skin Tips


Dear Readers, Today I will discuss about Skin Care, Skin tips, types of skin and how to measure and take natural care according to the skin type. Skin is most important factor of human body in either sex. It covers the body from head to feet and protects from infections. Most people do not look beyond the cosmetic aspect in caring for the skin beyond the face.
Skin Care and Skin Tips
Skin Care and Skin Tips

The aging process begins at certain age. The smooth, soft, fair and lovely skin of a baby gives way to stressed skin as result of daily wear and tear, age, pollution and regular use of chemical on it. Identify the skin type replenish and revitalize it on the whole body head to feet.
Before resorting to any beauty treatment, one should have the basic knowledge of skin. There are three types of skin.Oily normal and dry.The skin consist of three layers epidermis, dermis, sub-dermis.
Cleansing plays a vital role for skin care and beauty as it clean the grim and impurities due to pollutant atmosphere. Alcoholic toner is suitable for oily skin and non-alcoholics are for dry skin. Toner stimulates blood circulation and restore pH balance. Before toner splash a lot of cold water on face then apply toner. Moisturizer functions as shield on the skin.

Normal Skin

Normal skin people are very lucky as it is best skin with velvety, smooth, supple and healthy look. Normal skin hardly needs any care. There are no enlarge pores or dead cells. There is no secretion of excess or less sebum as the sebaceous glands works at the optimum level.
The skin needs cleansing, nourishing and toning in the morning and before going to bed. This skin needs moisturizer during the day for protection from atmosphere. Use herbal beauty cream which is skin friendly and gives natural touch.

Dry Skin

A dry skin is dull and flaky around the eyes and cheeks. Fine lines appears fast around the eyes. Dry skin needs more care. Dry skin becomes dehydrated as the oil glands of dry skin do not supply enough lubricants to the skin.
 Need to apply moisturizer morning and nourishment night time daily. Soap is not suitable for dry skin, need to use face wash which is suitable for dry skin. Give oil message and leave for 30 minutes before bath. Olive oil or Almond oil is best for dry skin. Use herbal skin cream which is suitable for dry skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin looks shiny, thick and dull. Oily skin needs more care as the oily skin is more prone to acne, black heads and the pores are enlarged. The sebaceous glands of an oily skin produce more oil than required. One need to keep it clean and use mild toner.
Some soaps are not suitable for oily skin. Need to herbal face wash which is suitable for oily skin.  Non-greasy moisturizers and specially formulated lotions are suitable for oily skin. Herbal face pack of Multani mitti is good for oily skin. Use herbal beauty products.

Combination Skin

A combination skin needs  lots of care. Combination skin is type of two different zones oily and dry. This skin has oiliness down the forehead, nose and chin. The rest of the face is dry. Cleanse oily part with astringent and cheeks should treated with nourishment as you would treat for dry skin.
Apply moisturizer morning and nourishment night time daily. Need to use face wash which is suitable for combination skin. Herbal beauty products good for combination skin. Herbal face pack can be used.
So, these were the tips on Skin Care and Skin Tips. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.
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