Skin Care Top Tips-Skin Problems and Causes


Dear Readers, Skin can become sallow, dull and spotty due to improper diet. To prevent skin from different diseases it is necessary to know the main causes of skin problems.

Let’s discuss about Skin Problems and Causes of Acne-Pimples-Blackheads-Whiteheads-Allergy-Pigmentation-Freckless-Under Eye Dark Circles-Wart-Moles-Lukoderma-Herps-Hypertrichosis.

Skin Care Top Tips
Skin Care Top Tips

Pimples and Acne

Pimples and acne problems prevail in young age and it happens mostly with oily skin. Oil glands which are over active result in blackheads, slowly blackheads gets infected and turn into pimples or acne.


The sebum gets deposited in the pores of the skin which result in blackheads. Never avoid blackheads as it may turn in permanent skin problem in some cases.


Skin pores get close after the secretion of sebum. These cause whiteheads which is also called melia.


There are different reasons for skin allergy. Some of the main causes of skin allergy are medicines, food, contagion, chemicals, dust, smoke and infection etc can causes allergy.


Melanin changes in the skin and other and other internal changes are main pigmentation reasons. Dark or light spots on the skin can be seen in pigmentation. There are different causes for pigmentation.


On the skin light brown and small spots which causes on the skin developed by the sunlight exposure directly falling sun rays on the skin. Being in sunrays for a long time leads to freckles. Most of the people who have white skin colour freckles found more on their skin.

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Baby soft Skin
Baby soft Skin

Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark circles under eye may cause due to different reasons. Causes of dark circles under eyes are insufficient sleep, vitamins deficiency, over strain of eyes, diseases, mental stress, illness, hereditary genes etc.


A small hard lump which grows on the skin is called wart. Wart is caused by different type of virus. If the temperature of the cell in the epidermis is overheat or by spasm virus are the causes of wart.  Need to take proper doctor treatment to get it healed.


Moles looks small and dark which add to beauty. Sometimes moles grow big which won’t look good. It can be removed. There are different methods to remove moles.


White spots on the skin are called leukoderma. With the passage of time these spots these spots grow large. Lack of melanin or its deficiency in the skin leads to leukoderma.


Herps caused by virus that makes red spots near patient’s mouth. These spots appear on the nose or in the corners of the lips.


Thick hair on the skin is called as hypertrichosis. Imbalance in hormones and secretions from glands results in hypertrichosis. Laser system treatment can be use to remove the hair permanently.

This is about Skin Care Top Tips-Skin Problems and Causes. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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