Backache-Spine Pain-Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain


Dear Readers, Today i will discuss about Backache-Spine Pain-Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain, Backache Symptoms, Backache Causes, Prevention for Backache and Diet Works as Treatment for Backache. Now a days due to sedentary living habits and hazards living patterns backache became one of the most common ailments. Emotional stress also leads to backache. Back bears complete body weight it gives way if the person is overweight.

Backache-Spine Pain-Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain
Backache-Spine Pain-Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain

Back is made of muscles, elastic tissue and bone. It also called life-bone of the body. With 24 blocks of bone spine is made. Cushions of cartilage and elastic tissues sandwiched between these bony blocks are known as intervertebral discs.

Disc trouble builds up over a long time it does not occur suddenly. Back bone protects the vertebrae, spinal cord, sciatic nerve, Sciatic pain, shoulder pain, Spinal stenosis, sciatica nerve pain and spinal nerve. There is relationship between discs, joint muscles, nerve and bones in the back and small injury or problem to the neck (pinched nerve in neck) or back area can have disastrous effects.

Backache Symptoms

Most of the time backache felt either lower down or middle of the back. It may spread to both sides as hip pain and waist pain. In some cases patient unable to move and is bedridden.

Most of the backache patients suffer from known as cervical or lumber spondylosis. Sometimes the spine loses its flexibility.

Backache Causes
Backache Causes

Backache Causes

The main reasons for spondylosis and backache are muscular tension, poor posture, joint strain, incorrect nutrition result of incorrect diet habits and lack of regular back exercises. Acute or chronic illness like prostate or kidney problems, influenza and arthritis, female disorders, pinched nerve may also lead to backache.

Other causes include strain and stress due to sitting for long time, high heels, lifting weight in improper way and emotional problems cause painful muscle cramping.

Soft chairs and coaches which is result of poor posture. High heel shoes cause strain on back and other muscles of the body. Using too soft mattresses result in improper posture, which cause headache, tension, lower back pain and upper back pain.

Another major cause for backache is tense muscles and lack of exercise. Modern things made office work easier. The comfortable and easy life leads to obesity which strain on the back. Muscles remain weak due to lack of exercises.

Prevention for Backache
Prevention for Backache

Prevention for Backache

Exercise which improve and supplies nutrition to spinal disc is important. Safe exercises like swimming, walking and bicycling.  Need to keep the back upright and control weight which put stress on soft back tissues.

Soft cushion seat should be avoided and position should be changed as often as possible. Need to sleep on firm mattress on their sides knees bent at right angles to the torso. Back pain people should take care of their nerve to bend from the waist to lift any weight. They should bend knees and keeping back in straight position and then stand slowly.

Neck tension or neck pain can be cured by certain neck exercises such as rotating neck in clock and anti-clock wise dropping head backward and forward by turning right to and left. It loosen neck muscles continue for 10 minutes.

Diet Works as Treatment for Backache
Diet Works as Treatment for Backache

Diet Works as Treatment for Backache

Salad of raw vegetables with tomatoes, cabbage, carrot, radish, cucumber, lettuce and steamed vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach and plenty of fruits except bananas. The patient should take four meals. During breakfast they can take fruits, milk and during lunch steamed vegetables and chappatis, in the evening fresh fruits or juice and during dinner a bowl of raw salad and sprouts.

Need to avoid fatty, fried and spicy food, sweets, curd, condimends, tea and coffee. Smoke and tobacco should give up completely.

Vitamin C and protein are necessary for the development of healthy body bones. Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, minerals are necessary for healthy bones. Vitamin C is essential in relieving lower back pain and averting spinal disc operation. Lower back exercises also beneficial to get relief.

Hot formentations, application of radiant heat, sponging application gives immediate relief to back. Yoga for back pain are beneficial. Bhujangasana, halasana,  shalabhasana, uttanpadasana, and shavasana also beneficial for backache.

Nutrition strengthen the back exercise and relaxation also helps to get relief for backache.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Backache-Spine Pain-Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain. Share your views on the topic. If you have any question let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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    I didn’t know that back problems could come simply by having sedentary living habits. I really appreciate the picture showing the different spinal disc problems, it makes more sense to me now! I’ll be sure to exercise more to prevent my backache, and spinal issues. Thanks for this advice!

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    I know well about this, Its horrible experience. I sufferd years because of this. But I find relief from back pain when my posture is good and exercises and stretching worked so well for me .

  3. says

    Hello Sazia,

    You can define well about the backache and gives all information regarding it’s symptoms, causes and prevention.

    Backache is a very common complaint. Although it may be painful and uncomfortable. Even though it can affect people of any age, it is significantly more common among adults.

    Mentally stressful job and sedentary lifestyle are the basic factors for developing back pain.
    Medical tests may not show the cause of your back pain. You should do exercise and eating a healthy diet and also change the behaviour of your postures.

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