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Dear Readers, It is important to know that sight senses are passive, and it is not active, respond of the eyes coaxed or to being encouraged. While training the eyes, remember that the eyes should be allowed to work and don’t force your eyes to do anything. There is a saying, ‘let the light shine within you’ aptly suggests how you can let the light within you, both physical and spiritual, manifest naturally itself. Any error in the beginning can get rectify, delay in treatment leads to eye surgery need to consult eye doctor for suggestion.

Eye Stress Causes

Stress Causes

Since we are stressed in our daily life physically, emotionally, mentally or visually, we never allow the real light of truth to enter and shine with full capacity, and vision distort due to strains, whether optical or otherwise. Unnecessary or habitual strain leads to bad health and bad sight, especially astigmatism.

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Eye Care Relaxation
Eye Care Relaxation

Eye Care Relaxation

Most of us make a mistake by waiting for an opportunity to get relax, special opportunity frequently does not present itself, need to take out time for relaxation before it becomes too late. Try to unload the strain without any nervous pressure throughout the day. In any possible way just relax-sit in any place and close your eyes, think any pleasant moment which gives pleasure to mind and body and take few deep breath.

Eye Relaxation Exercise
Eye Relaxation Exercise

Eye Relaxation Exercise

Any time during the day take out sometime to stretch both of your arms above your head, while simultaneously raise eyebrows too for 1 minute around 10 times. Remember that all relaxation phases are purely passive, because relaxation is combined with the action of the eyes and yet quite free from strain and stress.

Any form of fatigue, mental, physical and emotional has a very quick reaction upon the eyes which shows tiredness first symptom. This warning by the eyes must take seriously and allow the body to take relax completely, make your mind calm and allow the eyes to take rest.

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    Hi Sazia, very helpful post, thank you. I meditate first thing every day and often during the day when I have time. It is so important to look after our eyes.

    Enjoy the journey!

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