Swine Flu and Prevention


Dear Readers, Today I am going to discuss about swine flu and prevention which is most dangerous disease.Please don’t miss this article and get knowledge how to protect yourself from swine flu and what all necessary steps require for prevention.
The swine flu viruses are different in human flue viruses and pig flu viruses.In past Swine flu mainly affected people who had direct contact with pigs.
But now its new swine flu virus which spread from person to person ,among people who haven’t had any contact with pigs.Swine flu also known as 2009 H1N1 type A influenza is a human disease.

How swine flu spread

1.Swine flu spread same way as seasonal flu.
2.Swine flu spread by direct contact with person  sick with swine flu,like they were coughing sneezing close to you.
3.Swine flu influenza A (H1N1)virus is new and most of us have less immunity to face it.So it easily spread from person to person.
4.If one touch the place where swine flu affected person touches
5.When you have skin to skin contact with swine flu effected person direct virus will spread
6.Do not share drinking glasses or eating utensils with someone,this also spread disease
7.Swine flu viruses can spread by handling money

Loss due to Swine flu

Swine flu claims life 81 in Gujarat,5 in Lucknow .6 in Delhi,4 in Banguluru,81 in Rajasthan,27 in Maharashtra, 6 in Karnataka,9 in Indore,and some in other cities as well.
Swine flu is spreading so fast  across several  Indian states.In port city of Visakhapatnam ,adequate medical supplies ,mask and Tamiflu medication provided in hospitals.
People are being educated on prevention  from this disease swine flu.
In the month of January Swine flu killed 191 people in the country.


Swine flu is caused by H1N1 virus.H1N1 symptoms are similar to other influenza viruses like fever,cough,sore throat,body aches,head ache.
Running nose,chills  fatigue and respiratory problems.In some cases diarrhea and vomiting.

High risk to people

  • Pregnant women
  • Children under 2 years old age
  • Asthma patients
  • People suffering with COPD or or other lung conditions
  • People with cardiovascular conditions (except high blood pressure)
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Blood disorders
  • Neurologic disorders
  • Metabolic disorders,including diabetes
  • Residents of a nursing home and other chrinic care facilities
  • Immune suppression,including HIV infection and cancer
  • If get flu symptoms seek medical care immediately.

Medical attention require for children

  • Fast breathing or trouble in breathing
  • Gray or bluish skin color
  • Less fluids desire
  • Vomiting
  • Not waking up or not interacting
  • Irritation
  • Flu like symptoms improve then return


The best protection is need to get a seasonal flu vaccine every year.
Wash hands properly with soap or hand wash liquids and in keeping a good hygiene are the most effective way to protect ourselves for swine flu.
If you are exposed or caring someone with the flu ,Talk to your doctor about preventive antiviral medication.

Steps that can stop spread germs and protect you from getting flu

Follow protection 3 steps which is given above
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth as germs spread fast this way
Avoid close contact with sick people
Avoid stress
Sleep well and follow regular exercise
Drink plenty of fluids,eat healthy food
Cover nose and mouth with a tissue ,when you cough or sneeze.Throw the tissue in dustbin
Improve your immune system
If someone feel sick ,cold or fever ,Stay at home,take enough rest.Rest has also been shown to increase ‘interferons’ which help to increase our immunity to fight with virus.
So, these were the tips on swine flu and prevention. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like these dishes please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.
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    Hi Sazia,
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    This is fast spreading in our City of Hyderabad
    Many died due to this and many are in hospitals
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    Have healthy Time Ahead
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