Teeth Pain and Gum Problems


Dear Readers, How to get rid of dental cavities, bleeding gums, foul breath, painful gums and toothaches with home remedies? The main cause of toothache is tooth decay which is the result of poor oral hygiene and faulty diet. There are so many reasons to keep yours and your family teeth and gum healthy. Bacteria break sugar into acids which combine in the enamel with the calcium and cause decay.


Teeth Problem in Children

Despite of decay prevention few children develop tooth decay signs before they start school. 12 to 15 years old children have cavities problem. Dental care should begin when they are 2 years old. Teach them how to brush their teeth under your supervision.

Beautiful Teeth and Gums

At the age of 6 permanent molars come. Thin protective coating to seal off the trouble of pits and fissures can be applied to the chewing surfaces of the back side teeth. Talk to your dental professional.

Don’t Use Much Fluoride

Fluorides strengthen enamel and prevent decay. Three out of four Americans drink fluoridated water. If water is not fluoridated talk to your dental professional so he can suggest putting fluoride application on your teeth if necessary. Mouth rinse liquids and toothpaste contain fluoride which is good for teeth. Using too much fluoride on teeth causes white spots on teeth.


Brush your Teeth Twice

Gum and teeth problems not only in older people most of teen age people have bleeding gums. Change tooth brush 4 times in a year.

Toothache actually starts from dental problems and the pain is due to inflammation in the central portion of the tooth. This portion has nerve endings which is the main cause of sensitivity to pain.

This can cause due to tooth or gum infection, dental abscesses, dental cavities, damaged tooth, bleeding gums and tooth rot.

Here are few home remedies for Teeth and gum problems

1.Take garlic clove and crush it add one pinch rock salt place this paste on clean cotton roll and keep on the effected tooth to cure swelling and pain. Garlic kills harmful bacteria and works like antibiotic.

2.Chew wheat grass to keep gum and teeth healthy.

3.Take lemon juice and mix asafoetida dip cotton and place it on the cavity to get relief from pain and cavity.

4.Take two cloves and make powder roll in cotton and place on the affected tooth to get rid of toothache. Clove oil is also very useful to get immediate relief from pain.

5.Take pepper powder mix with clove oil and apply on the cavities to rid of tooth ache and cavity.

6.Take pepper powder, turmeric powder and common salt and apply on teeth and gums massage gently to get rid of dental cavities, inflammation and bleeding gums, bad breath, pain in gums and toothaches. It also cures teeth sensitiveness.

7.Onin rich in vitamin E, Vitamin B12 and sodium. Chew onions daily for 5 minutes which is helpful to kill germs and keeps the teeth and gums healthy.

Do you want to know about more Natural cure remedies Read my next articles.

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