Tooth and Mouth Care


Dear Readers, Do you want to make your teeth sparkle white and strong? Do you want to get rid of bad breath, plaque, strain and yellowish on teeth? Do you want to get rid of body odour? Then go through this article to know how to take complete care of Teeth and Mouth through natural Home Remedies and some steps to follow. When you speak or even smile, Teeth are visible. Attractive smile is a beauty asset.

Tooth and Mouth Care
Tooth and Mouth Care

All born with perfect teeth, but heredity is a popular scapegout for bad teeth. Anyone can acquire good teeth and healthy mouth, provided that the battle against gum diseases and tooth decay is started early. How?? Lets see in this article some steps and remedies given to follow, how to gain good teeth and healthy mouth.

Human being develop 2 sets of teeth primary which is milk teeth and permanent dentition which replaces the primary set. There are 20 teeth in primary and 32 teeth in permanent set. In the adult, in each quadrant from the midline, there are 2 incisors,  1 canine, 1 premolar and 3 molars.

For producing tooth decay the acid is responsible which is painless in the early stages. The outer edges of the enamel attacks by decay before spreading into the soft, sensitive dentine beneath.

Avoid sticky and sugary food as much as possible. Too hot or too cold food items or drinks in excess can damage teeth. The teeth must be thoroughly brushed twice daily in the morning and before bed time for mouth and dental care.

Consult a Dentist for Dental Care

Don’t wait until you find a tooth pain or hole in your teeth. Have regular check-ups at six-months intervals to ensure there is no decay, that your gums are sound and healthy. The yellow on teeth could be plaque. Tooth picks stain form food and drinks we consume every day.  If plaque is ignored, it may cause problems. Give your teeth a thorough cleaning they becomes sparkling white once again.

Causes of strain on teeth are taking Tea or coffee in excess, habit of taking paan, continues  use of medicine due to any serious health problem and Due to tetracycline etc. Doctor would either bleach them or place caps on them.

Remedies to make Teeth Pearl white

*Brush teeth daily with neem powder to keep teeth pearl white and healthy.

*Rub salt on teeth to make it sparkle white and healthy.

*Orange peels dry and make powder of it. Rub teeth daily with this powder.

*Roast turmeric and grind it. Rub this on teeth daily to get rid of teeth related problems and to make the teeth sparkling white.

*Rub teeth with roast-ajwain powder and rinse after few minutes to get rid of yellowish on teeth within few days.

*Latest research of Russian doctors have confirmed that consumption of raw onion every day will protect from tooth disorders.

*Mix turmeric powder, salt powder and lime juice. Rub teeth with this mixture to get rid of yellowish on teeth and to bring back its glow within few days.

*Boil fenugreek seeds in water. Lets cool and gargle with this water to make teeth sparkle white and strong. It also useful for bad breath.

*After squeezing lime juice, rub teeth with lime peel to discover natural glow.

*Regular consumption of apples prevent Tooth decay as they possess mouth cleansing property. It is also good for healthy Heart.

Remedies to Prevent Bad Breath

*Mix 1 tbsp figs syrup in hot water and use before bed time to get rid of bad breath.

*Soda Bicarbonate 3tbsp and 2 tbsp salt powder mix in hot water and gargle to get rid of bad breath.

*Boild fenugreek in water for 10 minutes and take daily to get rid of bad breath and body odour. It will help to remove these odour accumulations from such spots where soap and mouth wash cannot penetrate.

*Avocado is a fleshy pear-shaped berry. The Avocado is far superior to any mouth lotion or remedies for bad breath. It removes decomposition and intestinal putrefactions which is cause of coated tongue and bad breath.

So, these were the tips on Tooth and Mouth Care. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipe and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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