Children vision Care-Educational System


Dear Readers, When a child for the first time walks through school doors, it enters the visual world of adult and it is expected to learn with a complex network of letters and numbers. The child life is altered from the world of fun and games to concentrating and sitting for a long period of time.

Vision Care
Educational System

The Educational System

The educational system is design in such a way which is required to attend its details hour after hour and result is half of the population wear glasses. This is not against to any school rules but an attempt to make educators and parents think about the cause of visual havoc.

What is the way out? Simply make the children eyes capable of withstanding the onslaught by taking proper steps to make the eyes and vision strong. Parents need to help a child learn the correct way of using eyes. While learning to walk it takes its first shaky steps by holding parents hand, its eyes need different kind of help. How the pair of eyes grows up and learns, we can’t see it but it requires our attention and care.

According to the research regarding eyes vision and growth development has accumulated to the point where we all are aware of what is going on in a child’s eye.

Educational System
Vision Care

Vision Care

How a child learns and grows by using the eyes which are the windows to the new world, will largely determine the child’s abilities to carry all the new things itself on through life. Although all the skills-motor, mental- play, sensory and their individual part in a whole person, the visual ability is responsible primarily for system co-ordination.

In this literate culture, we take job from the eyes of a child for which evolution has not prepared them: hour after hour close concentration, reading words, paying more attention to new details, operating computer, adding and subtracting numbers.

The massage of the time is; achieve and succeed in this manner or fall by the wayside. This is the main reason of rising visual problems.

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    Children are so very pliable and we have to watch out for them. I know I had raised concerns in my parents about eye sight when I was young. I read a lot and often suffered from eye strain as I always had my nose in a book. Children don’t understand risks so adults must teach them.

    Enjoy the journey!

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