Vision Correction Exercises-Swaying


Dear Readers, Swinging and swaying exercises can be most valuable and extensive aids to the sight and it also provides general relaxation to the nerves and body. Physical relaxation sense is easy to achieve by rhythmic exercises, like there is a soothing effect of rocking chair on a body.

Jaded and tensed nerves response will not be well to mental discipline, but will readily respond to physical rhythmic simple movement. Most of the swaying exercises are to be practise with the eyes closed, so that the visual picture is shut out which provides relaxation to the sensitive nerves.

Vision Correction Exercises-Swaying-Get rid of Lenses
Vision Correction Exercises-Swaying-Get rid of Lenses

Vision Exercise 1

  • Hang a chart or picture in a place where light focus is available at one end of the room.
  • In the middle of the room place a table, and take an object with 3 inches of width and place it on the table, with suitable height in front of the chart.
  • Stand at the other end of the room so that the object which is placed on the table should be in your line of vision with the chart middle.
  • Sway slowly to the left by watching the chart for a few inches.
  • When you sway to the left side the chart should be fully visible, with the appearing object to the right of the chart.
  • Now sway to your right side, and the object will appear to be on the left side of the chart.
  • As you sway rhythmically, the object which is placed on the table will appear alternately to cross the opposite side of the chart.
  • You can observe that the chart is crossing behind the object, or in front of the chart the object is moving. Be conscious of the movement of the two objects in relation to your own movements.
  • Now imagine the movement of the object by closing your eyes while you sway to the right and left.
  • Now slowly shorten the distance of the swaying without altering your rhythm and speed and continue until the movement decreases coming to a stand fall.
  • Observe that the objects appear to move less, and just proportionate to the movement.
  • Again increase the swaying distance to nine inches till you can easily imagine and distinguish the distance and alteration.
  • You can practise the same exercise by hanging an object on a string from a alight which is placed at the centre of the room, in line with a picture on one of the walls.
  • Frequently close your eyes while ravelling, and asses the travelling speed with your closed eyes. Images of the building visualise, and also visualise people, trees, vehicle etc whatever passing you.
  • Appreciate the sway and rhythm of the body while walking with each step from side to side, consciousness  about the buildings and pavement etc, which is appearing to sway in opposite direction.

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