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Dear Readers, While palming another exercise is get the clear mental picture of white space inside letters and mentally follow their outlines, and notice the white colour sharp contrast against the black color letters. People with short sightedness (myopia) are inclined to view this as a black color centre background with white color letters. Regular practice will change the white and black background and letter is helpful.

Visualisation Exercise
Visualisation Exercise

Visualisation Exercise

Eyes movements and specific ideas of distant view are of great benefit to relaxation successfully while palming. Picture a country mentally that is far away stretching. Visualise a cloud in the distance of dust gathering, suggest the car movement towards you advancing, as a tiny speck becomes visible and as it gets nearer to you it gets larger, then it passes you in the rush.

Palming act as an antidote to acidity, since retina which is light exposed becomes acidic. Do not strain your eyes while doing exercise, for relaxation you are striving, responsive focal power. To accomplish the exercise do not struggle because that counterproductive.

If you do not work too hard or to achieve the goals straining your eyes you will have a success in clear vision and you can see clearly. The eyes do not respond to intense force, but respond to restrained guidance.

Children Palming Exercise
Children Palming Exercise

Palming Exercise for Children

While palming specially children need to be guided in imagination, and wonderful and beneficial results can be seen. Adults can imagine while palming as taking a stroll into the countryside, as they walk they observe all the things around them, flowers, trees, animals, houses, vehicles, people, birds etc.

Make sure in non-glaring full light you practice the eye exercises. At all times have charts and targets brightly illuminated.

Whenever practice one or both eyes exercise do it so gently. Same side of the eye gently place the palm, when it vision is to be occluded.

Even if you feel trouble with an exercise stick with it. Even if the schedule indicates never abandon an exercise, you can replace it with other exercise if it so difficult to practice.

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    Hi Sazia ,
    Great post on Palming ,I use this a long time it is a Dr Bates Method and very effective.
    If I would have followed the modern medicine ,I sure would nee to wear glasses.
    But I was lucky to read the book of doctor Bates and found it very valuable and when
    m y Eye doctor wanted to tell me 25 years ago ,my eyes are getting bad and I need glasses ,if
    I would have listened ,I am sure I would . but I did listen to the bates method instead and still do not need glasses .
    I hope many read this post and follow the natural treatment and palming
    Thank you
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Intention Is A Powerful ForceMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Erika Mohssen-Beyk mam, Happy to know that you are following the same from long back and it is working for you. This method is experienced on others and it is valid if it is followed in right way. Thanks for visiting and for your feedback.

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