Best Vision Improvement Exercises-Swaying-Long Swing


Dear Readers, Swaying exercises can be done in any position standing or sitting. While practising this exercise it is better to practice in standing position which is more advantageous as there will be more balance on feet, and when the whole body brought into play there will be more rhythm. To gain the sense of relaxation of nerves, body and mind each individual takes their own time.

It is important to give your few minutes to one form of exercise and then practice another exercise. Never stick to any particular exercise for long time. Practise all exercises one by one.

Best Vision
Best Vision

Vision Improvement Exercise 1

  • Hold a book about foot away in front of you.
  • In between the book and your face hold a finger of other hand.
  • In the opposite direction notice the finger movement even slightly as you move your head.
  • Mentally practice this exercise for a few minutes till you get the feeling of the finger is swaying in to and fro direction across the book as you turn your head to either side.
Vision Care
Vision Care

Exercise for vision 2

  • Take a convenient-size cardboard and make three inches hole in the centre of the board.
  • Keep this board flat in front of an open page of a book.
  • Now move the card along the line to the right side slowly, and observe it will appear as though the words are moving to the left side.
  • Practise it with one eye at a time you will feel the effect is more noticeable.
  • This is very beneficial exercise in treating presbyopia.
Long Swing Exercise
Long Swing Exercise

Long Swing Exercise

A simple movement of the body or head alone is done in swaying, without moving the whole body. But while practicing the long swing, the whole body gets turned. The main objective of swing is to increase and secure the sense of balance and poise, an easy movement which is physical while the mind appreciate the opposite direction movement of still objects in the background.

The swing facilitates a greater degree of physical movement. Apart from vision improvement it is also useful in some insomnia cases.

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    Hi Sazia,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article about the eye exercises. Eye is a vital sense organ of our body and it is important for us to take good care of it. These days our eyes get so exposed to light, television,computer, cell phone screen etc. that our vision get damaged. In additon to this, pollution and other enviornmental factors also harm our eyes. Providing proper nutrition to our eyes and doing eye exercises help a lot. These exercises are simple and don’t require a lot of time, which is an added advantage.
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  2. says

    Great helpful exercises, thank you. I have just returned from Spain and had trouble with my eyes there. Firstly it was so bright I struggled with it, although I did succumb to wearing sunnies! Secondly the dust was irritating my eyes all the time and they were constantly streaming because of it. Shame.

    Enjoy the journey!

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