Vision and Nutrition-Vitamins for Healthy Eyes


Dear Readers, Very few people think about the relation between vision and nutrition. Maximum people knows only about carrots are good for vision. For the past many years researchers are demonstrating the importance of minerals and vitamins. It has not been heeded or widely circulated.

Today, however the research of biochemical has piled up the connection between nutrition and good vision. To improve vision following are the excellent minerals and vitamins.

Vision Health
Vision Health

Vitamin A for Eyes Health

People say that they don’t like to drive night time because they feel trouble seeing clearly or the oncoming car glare trouble them. Around 30  percent of the population have vitamin A deficiency. It is due to modern life which is so busy and everything want to get done quickly and no time to think about diet.

People spent long hours under harsh, glaring lights, polluted air, keeping awake till late night and watching TV for long hours leads to eyes health problems. Other symptoms of vitamin A deficiency is inflamed, itching and burning eyes leads to conjunctivitis.

Vitamin A deficiency worsens the condition if it is not treated on time. it also leads to dry eyes and night blindness. The cornea becomes soft and leads to blindness. In rural places of India people are suffering from blindness due to vitamin A deficiency.


Main Source of Vitamin A

The main sources of vitamin A are halibut liver oil, cod liver oil, eggs, milk and butter. Papaya, cabbage, carrot, mango, bitter gourd and green leafy vegetables like coriander, tulsi, mint, spinach, drum stick leaves and fenugreek contains carotene, through which the body makes it own vitamin A naturally.

Atmospheric oxygen effect the carotene which is present in fruits and vegetables. After cutting or peeling the fruits and vegetables vitamin A lost in maximum quantity due to oxygenation. So it is necessary to take (eat) vegetables and fruits immediately after cutting or peeling them.

Everyday need to take 8 to 10 glasses of water without fail. Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Practice regular exercises for eyes and body to keep them healthy and fit. Never forget that prevention is better than cure as this very old saying.

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    Hi Sazia,

    I have always had eye problems. Far sighted, near sighted, every doctor tells me one thing or another. I’ve worn glasses to read and others to see far away since I was young. But nutrition does play a huge role.

    It is a great thing I do eat almost everything you have listed here for good eye health. And of course, water is key to keep things moving in our body.



  2. says

    Great post! So many people take their vision for granted and don’t realize just how lucky we are to even have it, taking care of your eyes needs to be a priority for everyone! Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    This is such a great read! Many people take their vision for granted but I think it’s also because there are very limited informational resources on how to provide nutrition to the eyes properly.

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