Vision Health-Variable Sway Eye Exercise


Dear Readers, What extra care we are taking of ourselves to impair our vision and wear out our eyes while our complete body remains strong? We all use our eyes in different way like a city-dweller uses his eyes in completely different ways than a normal man who hunted and gathered edible roots and fruits all day long. We receive about 90 percent world information and we rely on our eyes, to accommodate us our eyes plays vital role but they cannot change over-night or in a century.

Vision Health
Vision Health

Looking at distance is very useful and restful for the eyes. We continuously engage our eyes on some or the other work by concentrating on minute details. In fact we are asking the amount of work from our eyes is greater than what they are made to handle. If suddenly now we ask the mind to be little alert and think about it criticality several things occur; our breathing becomes shallow and our muscles becomes tense.

In short i would like to say our eyes engage whole day long in tasks for which they are not yet ready in actual way. Excessive and incorrect use of the eyes and eyes inadequate rest are the main reasons for visual problems.

We need such eyes which allow us to a wide spectrum of tasks of near and far distant with equal ease. It is really easy task to develop such eyes to know how continue reading my articles.

Variable Sway Eye Exercise
Variable Sway Eye Exercise

Variable Sway

  • Make three charts with equal font size letters and at various distances hang with 3 ft distance between each chart so that not overlapping each other.
  • In easy and rhythmic manner sway slowly.
  • As you sway from side to side notice the appearance of cards how they overlap and separate alternately.
  • While you sway look at one of the chart letters which is near to you, appears clear to the eyes.
  • Visualise the chart image and the letters by closing your eyes as they move in oppose direct as you sway.
  • Now open your eyes and look at the three charts letters in succession, start looking at the charts from the nearest one.
  • With the other letters repeat the same.
  • Practise the same exercise with each eye alternately and separately and then practise with both the eyes.
  • With this exercise, both old and young improve their distant sight.

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    An interesting exercise. I had long been aware of the need to look away from the screen and use my eyes for long distance viewing. It’s something I try to practise often when I work on close up things.

    Enjoy the journey!

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