Proper Visual Coordination-Eye Exercises


Dear Readers, Putting the object vividly before the mind’s eye you wish to see, helps the eyes to see that object. Don’t forget that visualising images with keeping eyes shut follows the same macular vision law as normal seeing does. These exercises are not only for the people who have vision problems but also for the people whose vision is perfect in order to prevent further problems.


Visual Exercise 1

  • Take a chart and place in good light, free from any reflection.
  • Stand far away from chart as far as the letters are clear and distinct.
  • Focus inside the letters on the white space, for example the letter ‘A’ and see the whole letter clearly and equally at once, parts of the letter will appear in grey colour, and not clearly black.
  • Allow the mental focus to shift around the letter then the letter appear more black, with sharper and clearer edges, and white space inside the letters appearing whiter.
  • This is a natural illusion, for improving sight it should be encouraged.
Eye Muscles
Eye Muscles

Eye Exercise 2    

  • Select a letter on the chart, close the eyes and visualise the letter.
  • Now divide it into equal halves vertically.
  • Keep your mental focus upon the first one half of the letter and ignore the second half of the letter, but don’t shut it completely.
  • Now focus on the second half of the letter, and slowly move it up and down.
  • Keep repeating the same the letter on which the exercise is practised will appear blacker than the second half.
  • Now change the focus on the other half of the letter and move it up and down till you get the letter appear blacker than the first half.
  • At a time it is easy to visualise one part of the letter than to endeavour to keep the whole letter at once in focus while practicing eye exercise.
Eyes Exercise Step
Concentration Exercise

Concentration Exercise 3

  • Now try the same with the letter B.
  • Stand in far distance from where the letter is clearly visible and look at large letter.
  • Visualise it by closing your eyes, keeping the focus moving over the curves and lines of the letter.
  • Note the point while visualising the white spaces inside the letter, each will look like letter D.
  • Now concentrate on the upper part of the letter it appears to be clearer.
  • Then concentrate on the white space inside the letter of the lower half of the letter.
  • It is difficult to visualise clear picture equally of both the white spaces at the same time untill you imagine the letter to be in far distance from you.

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