Visual Coordination-Eyes Health Exercises


Dear Readers, Unfortunately, we take our sight and eyes for granted we never think about how we are using our eyes. It is necessary that we should realise how we approach visual tasks so that we will be able to identify potential visual problems and visual stress areas etc. In order to gain self-awareness, we need to understand the connection between our thinking and seeing.

Two categories of visual styles are there one is scanning-peripheral and another one is fixated central. Most of the people use these two styles and they tend to fail into one category more than the other. Let us look at the basic styles and understand how they affect the working of our eyes.

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Eyes Health Exercises
Eyes Health Exercises

Eyes Health Exercise 4

  • On the letter B two white spaces place two coins.
  • Glance at both the coins at the same time, you will be able to identify both the coins separately, but on each coin unable to read the date without shifting your focus from one coin to another coin.
Exercise for Eye Health
Exercise for Eye Health

Eyes Health Exercise 5

  • Close your eyes and slowly walk backwards from the chart, and properly visualise the letter on the chart by moving farther away in the distance.
  • After each step moving backwards, stop and blink quickly while watching the letter, visualise the letter by closing your eyes, getting the letter slightly smaller as you move away from the chart.
  • Move backwards one more step and continue the process of blinking and moving backward, till the two white spaces of B no longer look like the letter D but appear as two white dots as you move backwards.
Eye Exercise
Eye Exercise

Eyes Health Exercise 6   

  • Take a few charts of equal size and hang all along each railing of a fence.
  • First look at the first chart which is nearer to you, visualise it clearly by closing your eyes.
  • Now open your eyes and look at the next chart at the same letter, and seeing the letter clearly shift your focus around the letter.
  • Continue repeating the same with all the charts along the fence, you will realise that the nearest letter is clear than the other letters, they appear smaller and smaller until lost to the mind’s eye.

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