Whooping Cough- Pertussis Causes and Treatment


Dear Readers, Today Let’s discuss about Whooping Cough- Pertussis Causes and Treatment, Symptoms Whooping Cough, Whooping Cough Causes and Home Remedies to Cure Whooping Cough. Whooping cough or pertussis, is one of the contagious disease, unlike other diseases. A new born baby can get whooping cough anytime and babies have less immunity to this disease. It may lead to severe condition and results in death. It effects infants during first year and some cases 5 to 12 years also may occur. This disease cause serious trouble in lungs.

Whooping Cough- Pertussis Causes and Treatment
Whooping Cough- Pertussis Causes and Treatment

This disease is caused by bacteria and highly infectious. It spread from one child to another by droplet infection. This disease has course of 8 to 10 weeks.

Symptoms Whooping Cough

For the first week this disease has a catarrhal and spasmodic stage. The cough is like an upper respiratory catarrh. At the end of the week, it becomes spasmodic and comes on bouts, initially during the nights and later day as well.

The child coughs continuously. His eyes begins to water, face becomes red and tongue protrudes. The child takes deep breath at the end of the bout, while the child takes a deep breath, there is prolonged croaking sound which is known as whoop.

Glottis is partially closed through which the sound is produced by the air entering. The child often vomits. The child lies back exhausted at the end of the bout, over the next three or four weeks. From the beginning of the disease within about 10 weeks cough and their duration become less and disappear. In immunized children, the disease is mild.

Due to severity of cough bleeding can occur from nose, eyes, lungs, into brain in rare cases, resulting in convulsions. In some cases collapse of a part of lung is common because the passage of air to a part of the lung gets block due to thick sticky nature of the secretions. Infection may leads to pneumonia. There may be convulsions, in rare cases, inflammation of the brain.

Whooping Cough Causes

Whooping cough caused by the micro-organisms Bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis in which the first one gives severe infections. Whooping cough is also associated with various adenoviruses, respiratory viruses and para influenza.

The actual cause of the disease is wrong feeding of children with demineralised and refined foods. Improper diet in which fruits and salad vegetable is absence. This result in accumulation of excessive quantity of mucus and catarrh in the child system. The use of drugs to treat other diseases can also lead to whooping cough.

Home Remedies to Cure Whooping Cough

*Garlic is beneficial remedy for whooping cough. Garlic syrup of five drops thrice in day should be given. If coughing spells violent and frequent it should be given more often.

*Ginger is an excellent remedy. Make one cup fenugreek tea and mix one teaspoon ginger juice and honey in it. It acts as an expectorant in whooping cough disease.

*One tea spoon radish, one tea spoon honey and little salt thrice daily is useful in the treatment of whooping cough.

*Almond oil is beneficial in whooping cough. Fresh white onion juice 10 drops and ginger juice 10 drops daily thrice till get relief.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

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