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Dear readers, Today I am going to discuss about early aging.Why does a person become old earlier??Do you know the reason??The reason is simple.Today the life is busy and people are careless about their body.The body and its care have become secondary in the race of earning money.Food,Exercise and life style neglected and the signs of ageing starts showing much earlier.


Tips for Prevention of early aging
*To prevent constipation drink a glass of water after waking up early in the morning.
*Drink 3 litres of water per day.
*Practice aerobic exercises regularly.
*Make the habit of Morning and evening walk for 30 minutes per day.
*The enemy of mind and body is anger.It invites diseases.Remain cheerful all the time.
*There isn’t much difference grief and grave.Avoid unnecessary worry.What has to happen will happen.Keep such positive thoughts in mind.
*Do not eat without hunger and chew food properly.The food consumed without hunger makes the body poisonous in the form of foreign particles.
*Keep your mind cool while eating food.Eat wholeheartedly and focus on the food.Keep away worries and tension while eating food.
*Married people should indulge in sexual act with their spouse as per the choice.But make sure to take balanced and nutritious food to avoid weakness.
*Wear clean clothes.follow cleanliness in daily life to stay healthy.
*Follow daily routine strictly and avoid fast food.
*Include in your daily diet sprouts, green vegetables and fruits.Eat food at fixed timings.
*Eat proper food,follow proper life style and act properly.
*Avoid obesity which is root cause of several disease.
*Meditation is very good for health.It keeps your mind cool.It gives strength  and concentration power to your mind.Practice meditation every day.
*Avoid dirty thoughts which increase stress.
*Laugh wholeheartedly and enjoy life.
*Plan a picnic or outing once in a six month or atleast once in a year.It improves health and keep the mind fresh.
*Before taking bath message your body with mustard oil.Take bath with light hot *water.Don’t use too hot water as it is harmful to body and skin.
*To keep the hair black and healthy use pure mustard oil.apply mustard oil in hair twice in a week.
*Earning money is necessary to live a sufficient life but it is foolishness to earn money at the cost of health and body.
*Use nature therapy or Ayurveda medicines to cure health problem. Allopathy medicine gives relief immediately but have lot of side effects.If any emergency or serious problem please follow the instructions given by your doctor.
*Digestive system is plays a main role in our body.Make sure that the digestive system is functioning properly to avoid diseases.
*Honey is very good for health.It keeps you young.There are different usage of honey.If you want to loose weight take honey in hot water daily early in the morning 1 hour before break fast.If wants to gain weight take honey in milk daily.
*Heart patients should take honey with a glass of water and a lemon juice in it before going to bed.Honey is useful in cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart.Add honey in your daily food as it gives strength to your heart.
*Sleep 7 to 8 hours in a day.Proper sleep is necessary to avoid different diseases.Take light hot milk with sugar before going to bed to have good sleep.
*In ancient days , a simple honey portion was said to offer a feeling of rejuvenation.To prepare this portion, boil three parts of water to one part of honey over a slow fire until two third remains.this honey portion is believed to promote a feeling of rejuvenation and youthful virility.
So, these were the tips on how to protect Early aging. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like this article please share and rate it and comment below. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.
Note:If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately.
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