AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-2


Dear Readers, Today the topic is AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-2, Prevention AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis ‘A’ disease, Symptoms of Hepatitis A disease, Remedies and Safeguard for Hepatitis A.

Now Let’s Discuss about AIDS and Hepatitis. Hepatitis also one of the killer disease just like AIDS. When one can be affected by this killer disease?? How many types of Hepatitis are there and what are they??. People are completely not aware of this disease.

AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-2
AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-2

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Prevention AIDS (HIV)

*The only way to prevent is creating awareness among people about its risk.

*Sex without any precaution with AIDS (HIV) affected person one of the main cause.

*Do regular blood checkup or at least once in a month or after every six months.

*While taking shave in barber shop always make sure he use new blade for shave.

*Be faithful to your life partner always.

*If purchasing blood ensure that it is free of HIV.

*When having an injection always use disposable needles and syringes.

*Never have illegal sex with other sex workers.

*Always use your own shaving kit and tooth brush, never use others things.

*If women affected by HIV should not become pregnant.

*Avoid spurious medicines.

*AIDS will not spread by shake hands with an AIDS victim, physical contact with them, kisses them, use of public toilets, common utensils use, towels, clothes, swimming pools, flies, attending wedding, mosquitoes bite, walking with AIDS affected person, cleans their clothes etc. never become cause of spreading this diseases.

We should not avoid AIDS related discussions. We should acknowledge children about AIDS (HIV) and about safeguard and precautions. We should prevent spreading this disease by understanding and creating awareness.

Now Let’s know about Hepatitis. Hepatitis is on fifth place in the list of most dangerous diseases. Hepatitis affected persons liver stops working. There are five different types of this disease.

Some people who already affected not even aware that they are carrying Hepatitis virus and feels themselves to be hale and hearty and transmits this deadly disease to other healthy persons.

Hepatitis ‘A’ disease

This spreads from drinking dirty water. 90 percent of jaundice disease cases arise from this cause. Always use pure filter water to prevent such deadly diseases.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

*Fever and stomach pain in the initial stage.

*Hepatitis affected person cannot concentrate on his work.

*Urine color becomes yellow.

*Patient feels weakness throughout his body.

*Eyes white portion also becomes yellow in color.

*The patient looses Appetite A.

*Hepatitis affected persons stool acquires black in color.

*In case any of the above symptoms consult the doctor immediately, urine and blood test must be done.

*To know more about Hepatitis and to know which body part got affected an ultra sound test should be done.

Remedies for Hepatitis A

Patient should use less oily and less fat containing food. Need to take complete rest. Luke warm water should be given. Sugar cane juice is beneficial for hepatitis patient.

Now a days good treatment is available for this disease. By doing an endoscope Hepatitis can be cured.

So, these were the tips on AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-2. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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