AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-3


Dear Readers, Today I will discuss about AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-3, Hepatitis ‘B’ disease, Hepatitis ‘C’ disease, Symptoms of Hepatitis B and C diseases, Remedies and Safeguard for Hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis B is most dangerous deadly disease. It is also known as silent killer disease. The virus of this disease remains even for ten years in the body before raising its head. Around 4 crores of Indians are affected by this killer disease.

AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-3
AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-3

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Hepatitis B Disease

Hepatitis B is presumed that many millions will be affected within the next decade. Only human beings are affected by this disease. Its virus present in the nails, sweat, urine and sexual organs of its victim. Till the virus spreads throughout the body the affected person not aware that he has been affected.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

*The patients gets affected by cold and light fever.

*The urine color changes to yellow again it changes to white.

*The patient feels tired and looses appetite.

*Patient’s stomach gets upset.

*Both the eyes and skin color turned to yellow.

Remedies for Hepatitis B

Need to find out at what age he is affected by this disease. If a child affected by this disease he/she has to suffer long life. Because of this reason anti Hepatitis treatment is given to just born babies.

Therefore, after a gap of 30 days and 180 days, to infants antivirus injections must be given with doctor’s advice. If the infection has already set in the anti hepatitis vaccination administered in fancy will not be useful.

Hepatitis C Disease
Hepatitis C Disease

Hepatitis C Disease

This virus speed is faster than AIDS. Worldwide 17 crore people affected in which 1.9 crore Indians have fallen victims. Via blood its germs spreads throughout the body. So the patient complaints of liver fibrous and suffer from a burning sensation.

Infected blood and other body fluids of affected person spread others through the skin or mycoses membrane. If immune system is not powerful these virus remain in the body for a long time.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

*Patient feels tired and begins to get headache.

*The upper stomach portion starts paining.

*Urine becomes dark yellow and stool in muddy colored.

*Skin color changes to yellow color.

* Lethargy feeling sets in.

*Patient feels vomiting sensation always.

*Patient looses appetite.

Remedies for Hepatitis C

About 40% of the cases reduce the affect of this disease through some remedies. If any of the symptoms of this disease felt then consult the doctor immediately. If undergone any blood transfusion,  then get yourself thoroughly immediately.

Safeguards for Hepatitis

*To safeguard from hepatitis need to take necessary medication.

*Avoid alcohol as it activates and aggravates this disease.

*To prevent dehydration drink sufficient quantity of water.

*Need to take balanced diet and avoid fatty food.

*If tattooing oneself, ensure to ask them to use fresh disposable needles and syringes.

*Make sure that dentist use the equipments which is properly sterilized and germ free.

*Avoid drugs. If properly and timely action taken 90% of the Hepatitis C cases can be cured.

*Never use others shaving razors and tooth brush and never allow others to use yours.

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