Amazing Role of Water in Nutrition


Dear Readers, Today I am going to discuss the role of water in nutrition.Water is one of the most precious gift of nature.It is an essential and major component of all living things on earth.
Water is one of the essential nutrients.Though not a food, it carries nutrients throughout the body.In fact, it is more essential to human life than food; for a person may live for weeks without food but only for days without water.



Water is the largest constituent of human body.About 60 to 70 per cent of the body weight consists of water.Thus, the body of a 65-kg person contains approximately 40 litres of water.About 25 litres are within the cells and the remaining 15 litres in the extracellular fluids.

Water Functions

Water is essential to the composition of the body.It helps absorption of the food materials.It keeps blood in a liquid state so it wont get thick which leads to disease.water maintains body temperature.It always keeps the mucus membrane moist and helps to secret different fluids in various glands of the body.
Water helps the kidneys to remove unwanted body waste like urea and salt in the form of urine.It also helps removal of body wastes.

Water consumption 

The water consumption is mainly through drinking water, other fluids.Vegetables contain much water is melon,tomato and radish.Any great variation in the normal quantity of water in the body interferes with the vital processes and causes acute distress.

Death May Occur

Death may occur within three days of abstention from water.If we do not drink sufficient water , blood thickens and the kidneys fail to deal with it efficiently.This may lead to accumulation of poisons and lead to death.Taking less water may lead to ill health like headache , nervousness , digestive problems,loss of appetite , and lack of concentration in work.theses symptoms will rapidly disappear with proper intake of water.

Avoid sugary and artificially sweet drinks

consumption of sugary drinks provides additional energy (Kilojoules) to the diet.but no other essential nutrients.There is strong evidence of the association between the consumption of sugary drinks and excess weight gain in both children and adults, as well as reduce bone strength and tooth decay.
Artificially sweetened drinks, may lead to decreased bone density and can contribute to tooth decay due to their acidity.

Water Benefits

One feel thirsty or not adult should take eight to ten glasses of water daily.Drinking water along with meal is healthy habit as it will hamper digestion.Water should be drunk half an hour before or one hour after a meal.Scientifically drinking water early in the morning good for health.It prevents stomach disorders and Skin shines, looks fresh, young and healthy.


Plastic water bottles can present a couple of risk to people who drink their contents and fill them up time again.”Theses bottles leach chemicals into your water after multiple uses”.A scientist explains “The bottle ,if not properly cleaned ,may also harbor bacteria from mouth..”
Note:Drinking too much water can also damage the body and cause Hyponatraemia (water intoxication) Hyponatraemia is rare in general population.

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