Black Gram for Diabetes Cure-Sexual Problem Cure-Nervous Disorders Cure-Digestive Problems Cure-Hair Problems Cure-Rheumatic Afflictions Cure


Dear Readers, Black gram is one of the important pulses of India. It is an erect, sub-erect and one of the hairy annual herb. It contain more nutritious properties than other pulses. It is originated in India it is occur in Asia, western India and in Africa.

Black Gram Cures Diseases
Black Gram Cures Diseases

Black Gram Contains

Moisture 10.9%, minerals 3.2%, protein 24.0%, fat 1.4%, carbohydrates 59.6%, fibre 0.9%, iron 9.1mg, calcium 154mg, phosphorus 385 mg, vitamin B complex in small quantity.

Natural Benefits of Black Gram

Black gram is cooling and soothing agents and nervine tonic. Excess use of black gram leads to flatulence, for prevention add little ginger, pepper and asafoetida. People who are easily predisposed to rheumatic diseases and urinary problem should avoid black gram as it contain oxalic acid.

Diabetes Cure
Diabetes Cure

Diabetes Cure Through Black Gram

Germinated black gram take with bitter gourd juice and one tea spoon honey is beneficial for milder diabetes. Take daily for four months by avoiding carbohydrates completely. It also prevents various complications that may arise slowly in diabetic patients.

Sexual Problem Cure

Soak black gram in water for six hours drain water and fry in cow ghee. It is an excellent sex tonic. Use with wheat bread and honey to get high beneficial results in premature ejaculation, functional impotency and semen thinness.

Nervous Disorders
Nervous Disorders

Nervous Disorders Cure

The same as above preparation eat with half boiled egg is very beneficial in nervous disorders like memory weakness, nervous weakness schizophrenia and hysteria.

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Digestive Problems Cure

Black gram is an excellent remedy to cure digestive disorders. If black gram is taken in the form of decoction it cures dyspepsia, diarrhoea, dysentery, gastric and catarrh.

Hair Problems Cure
Hair Problems Cure
Hair Problems Cure

Cook black gram and make paste add fenugreek paste and wash hair with it lengthens the hair, cures dandruff and make them black and shiny.

Rheumatic Afflictions Cure Remedy

A liniment made from black gram is very beneficial for rheumatism. Apply externally in rheumatism, knee which is contracted and stiff shoulders. Boil 4 kg black gram pulse 10 38 litre water and when water remains about 9 litres stop boiling and strain it. This strained decoction boil with 2 litres of sesame oil and half kg rock salt. Boil it till all the water gets evaporate. Black gram root paste also beneficial in the treatment of rheumatic pain.

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This is about Black Gram for Diabetes Cure-Sexual Problem Cure-Nervous Disorders Cure-Digestive Problems Cure-Hair Problems Cure-Rheumatic Afflictions CureLet me know your views on the topic in the comments. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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