Body Odour and luxurious Bath with natural perfume deodorant tips-1


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Body Odour and luxurious Bath with natural perfume deodorant tips-1, Body Odour Cause, Body Odour Control Tips, Bathing Therapy and How to Take Useful Bath. This article is to cope with different body odours which can otherwise your gracious personality prove to be  in darkest spot. Through this article you will get all the information which make your bath time most luxurious and thoroughly refreshing with natural herbal flowers perfume to bring you a beautiful and gorgeous look.

Body Odour and luxurious Bath with natural perfume
Body Odour and luxurious Bath with natural perfume

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Body Odour Cause

There are three types of glands. Most widely distributed glands are the sweat glands, which regulates our body temperature. Every day an average person loses half litre of sweat during physical exercises and in summer.

Foot pose sweat becomes trapped by socks and shoes which cause odour problem.

The odour associated with armpit is due to Sweat cannot easily evaporate. Need to take special care to get rid of this problem.

Armpits and genitals richly endowed with all types of glands, which cause strong smell in these parts of the body specially for men than women. Water cannot easily evaporate as these parts are covered, which results in body odour.

Scrubbing and washing result in to get rid of only fraction of bacteria for a short time period only.

Body Odour Control
Body Odour Control

Body Odour Control Tips

*Use cotton clothes and avoid synthetic clothes specially in summer when the weather is hot.

*Try to take drinks which is cool for body and avoid hot drinks consumption as much as possible.

*Take bath regularly.

*Wear loose clothes avoid tight-fitting clothes.

*Use anti-perspirants, deodorant etc to avoid this problem.

Bathing Therapy

An effective beauty therapy is bathing. It is important for proper care of skin as well as for cleanliness.

While bathing use every minute of it to the full use: do everything scrubbing etc then relax as long as possible. Use this time to really unwind: while the bath is running do few exercises, carefully as the floor is slippery. Emerge calm, refreshed and clean in mind and body a ‘new’ men and women!

How to Take Useful Bath to get Fair and Beauty Skin
How to Take Useful Bath to get Fair and Beauty Skin

How to Take Useful Bath to get Fair and Beauty Skin

*Prefer to take bath in the morning under the shower as cold water helps to close the skin pores and helps you shake off early morning laziness.

*While taking bath, the tap is on undress and tuck your hair away from neck and face. If any makeup remove with cleansing lotion.

*Blow nose and clean the nostril properly while taking bath every day.

*Drop rose petals or rose water in bath tub and relax in bath tub completely for few minutes.

*Apply soap to the body rub every part except breasts with friction mitt. Clean neck also with friction mitt.

*While using soap, use Luke warm water for bath as hot water damage oil glands.

*Use water as much as require do not be economical in using water while taking bath.

*To your arms, elbows and shoulders give circulation and use friction mitt to clean ankles, heels and legs.

*To prevent spots and for a thorough scrub use a bath brush to the back of your body. Clean navel properly.

*Before stepping out of the bath tub relax completely atleast for five minutes.

*Wash all soap properly before wiping with towel.

*Use thick and soft cotton towel to dry body. Wipe with towel by dabbing then rubbing gently all over the body as it gives slight massage to your body.

*Rub carefully or avoid delicate parts like stomach, neck, chin and face or else wrinkles will appear.

*Apply talcum powder on feet, under arms and pubic area if necessary.

*Rub branded massage cream or body lotion with light perfume smell on all over the body.

*Relax for a few minutes after a bath before starting dressing up.

*After dressing up relax for few minutes.

So, these were the tips on Body Odour and luxurious Bath with natural perfume deodorant tips-1. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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