Yummy Chicken Curry and Ghee Rice WOW !


Dear Readers, How many of you like Chicken?? Yes today I am going to teach how to make Yummy Chicken Curry. I will explain you in easy and simple way of making Chicken curry and ghee rice.Are you ready ???


Chicken Curry

Chicken          1 kg
Tomatoes        250  gm
Coconut          1 piece
Coriander        30 gm
Cumin             1 tbsp
Poppy Seeds   1 and half tbsp
Cardamoms    3 piece
Cinnamon       2 gm
Cloves             2 gm
Ginger             3.5 cm (1 and half inch) piece
Peppercorns    2 gm
Garlic              5 flakes
Onions (large) 5 piece
Turmeric         2.5 cm (1 inch) piece
Vinegar            half cup
Lemon             1 piece
Bayleaf            A few
Oil                   4 tbsp
Salt                  To taste      
These are the ingredients require to cook Chicken.
1.Clean the chicken .Apply salt and turmeric. 
2.Make Garlic ginger paste, apply it to the chicken with vinegar and keep aside.
3.Fry onion till brown add ginger garlic paste and all spices in a little oil and fry it till becomes golden brown,add tomatoes fry till it becomes soft paste, then add cumin ,  and remove.
4.Grate coconut and roast  till light brown and grind it.
5. Add meat and fry, then add spices, coconut, Lemon water and salt and a little water, allow to cook on slow fire till done.
Chicken curry is ready to serve. Serve with ghee rice. Now lets learn how to make Ghee Rice.


Ghee Rice


Rice                                        500 gm

Ghee                                       5 tbsp

Cardamom                              3 piece

Cloves                                     5 piece

Almonds or Cashew nuts         20 (cut into pieces or full size)

Salt                                         As per taste
Pour ghee add cardamom and cloves to it.Add rice and fry it for sometime add water and salt.Cook till done. Add almonds or Cashew nuts.
Wow Yummy Chicken Curry and Ghee Rice ready to serve.
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