Cones and Color Vision-Eyes Exercises to Improve Eye Sight


Dear Readers, How to maintain sight stability? Fix the gaze on a moving object, eyes are held still, across the retina the object image moves triggering signals in all the receptors in its path, thus about the movement it is giving information. When the eyes moves around constantly, the world appears around us to remain still, in visual experience this sense of stability is provided by the brain. Its commands cancel out the signals of retinal movements. As a consequence when the eye tracks the object which is moving, its image remains as stationary.

Cones and Color Vision
Cones and Color Vision

Cones and Color Vision

The receptor cells called cones analysed the colour in the retina. Three types of cones are there, each colour is sensitive to one of the primary colours of light-yellow, red, green and other colours are seen as combinations of these colours mainly.

The person who has defective colour vision suffers from colour blindness, they face common confusion between green and red colour. A person may lack cones for one or two colours, and in some cases in all three colours. A little care and proper diet habit prevent these problems.

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Eye Exercise
Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise 5

  • Follow this exercise 5 after following Eyes Exercises 1,2 to Improve Eye Sight-Central Fixation and Eyes Exercises 3, 4 to Improve Eye Sight ‎Using of an ordinary clock face is another exercise for macular vision.
  • Start with seeing the numerals closely and clearly.
  • Look at the particular numeral and ignore the rest till are able to see it very clearly.
  • Gradually increase the distance and be sure that you are able to distinguish at least one numeral clearly.
  • This exercise is helpful to make it possible to lengthen the sight vision.
Vision Exercise
Vision Exercise

Vision Exercise 6

  • Take a card which is convenient in size, make a circular hole in the centre of the card about 15 mm diameter.
  • Against the reading matter hold it flat, and move it along, so that you are able to read only what is visible through the hole.
  • Keep on blinking frequently.
  • Alternate the use of each eye for a few lines separately, followed by both eye together.
  • Macular vision is easier to acquire on all small letters than large ones, on the field of vision the latter obtrudes the easily readable form of letters all at once, leading to the strain of eyes.
  • Changing one eye to the other frequently is better rather than exercising by using only one eye in particular for a long time.

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