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Dear Readers, Our immune system should be strong to protect the body against all kinds of infections but sometimes this system cannot protect and responds abnormally to certain things like strong smelling and dust. Chemicals, pollens, dust, smoke, cosmetics and oil may become allergens. The most common allergy is food allergy like peanuts, seafood, strawberries, milk and chocolates. Other foods like eggs, fish, orange and tomatoes also can cause allergy.


Types of Allergies

Sore throat and other allergies are is due to airborne allergens like pollen and it is main cause of respiratory problems and allergies. Animals feathers, fur and dust act as a allergens which cause coughing, sneezing, watering eyes and asthma.

Food Allergy

The most common allergy is food allergy and the reaction to food allergens is vary from person to person. Few individuals suffers from diarrhoea or vomiting and few suffers from eczema and skin rashes and infections.


Contact Allergies

Contact allergies caused by direct contact with fragrances, metals, soap and deodorants. Nickel allergy is due to direct skin contact like inflammation, itching and burning.


Insect Bites Allergies

In summer season most of the people spend time outdoors and suffers from insect bites allergies. Sometimes it leads to severe reaction like hypotension, dizziness and swelling.  


Causes of Allergy

Consumption of food which not packed hygienically or expiry date is crossed.

Consumption of sweets which has chemicals and harmful colors.

Weak Immune system

Food is not prepared hygienically

Consumption of food without washing hands

Symptoms of Allergy

There are different types of symptoms like headache, dizziness, migraine, nervousness, irritation, conjunctivitis, depression, hay fever, running nose and watering eyes, diarrhea, asthma, suffocation and eyes swelling etc. It effects in different way individual to individual. In some cases it leads to severe problem and even experience loss of consciousness.

Home Remedies for Allergy

1.Take half cup water and add five drops castor oil. Take this early morning daily on empty stomach. It protects from allergies, respiratory system and digestive system.

2.Take one glass of luke warm water and add honey two spoons and lime juice two spoons. Take early morning on empty stomach daily. It works like an anti-allergic agent.

3.Rashes on the skin then take black pepper powder and mix with ghee and apply on the rashes and wash off with cold water. it cures the allergy instantly.

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    Hi Sazia, this was interesting. I have never in my life had problems with allergies until I moved to Virginia. Even with the smog in NY, I didn’t have breathing problems. Here in VA, it is the pollen, ragweed, crazy dust gets into the house. On top of that, I’m allergic to my dog who isn’t going anywhere because he is my baby. Home remedy books I keep my head in. Great info thanks.

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