Diabetes in Children –Symptoms and Causes


Dear Readers, Diabetes occurs in all age group infant to elderly people and below 2 years children it occurs rarely. The disease effects to school children one in 700 in United States. All about 35 million diabetics in India effected in childhood and adolescence.

Diabetes in Children –Symptoms and Causes
Diabetes in Children –Symptoms and Causes

Children diabetes is not yet common. Like other children diabetic child can live a normal life like attend school regularly, games participation, go camping, travel, horse riding or swimming. If diabetes under control the child and the parents are knowledgeable, strenuous activities are not harmful. Many sports peoples and professionals have diabetes.

Under the age of 15 years children diabetes appear suddenly in many cases. Early test for diabetic is very importance. The goal of treatment for children should be normal, emotional, physical, and mental growth of that child.


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The onset of diabetes is acute or sub-acute in children. The illness history varies from hours to weeks. Sometimes diabetes course may be rapid that when the child develop coma then only comes to know the child has diabetes and then the child get first time medical treatment. Passage of excessive urine and thirst are common symptoms of Diabetes in children which cause bed wetting.

The child may develop slowly than normal children and may feel lethargic. The child may complain about vomiting and abdominal pain. Acidosis and dehydration develops once vomiting starts.

The child ‘lose weight’, become thin and gets effect with respiratory and other different infections. The tongue and skin gets dry and breathe sweet smelling. Ketoacidosis in which toxins build up in blood causing blood to become acidic in childhood diabetes.

The blood pressure becomes low and the pulse is weak and rapid in the advance stage. The child feels drowsy and get unconscious in some cases.

Causes of Diabetes in Children
Causes of Diabetes in Children

Causes of Diabetes in Children

Heredity plays a vital role in the development of children diabetes. Due to genetic factors it occurs and most of the children in India born with less weight and small. There are so many different factors which lead to diabetes.

According to the recent research that the combination of certain viruses with an inherited susceptibility which result in diabetes. There is evidence that diabetic children may have had a coxsackie virus infection. After mumps children develop diabetes which is caused by virus. Diabetes in children or juvenile diabetes mellitus, sometimes associated with environmental factors also.

In the first three years growth rates in the children are at greater risk of developing diabetes. According to the research in a recent of lancet journal the study measured the growth rate of 91 children who later effected with insulin-dependent diabetes. These children become over weigh in their first year than other population and family members.

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Note: If any serious health problems please consult to your doctor immediately. In case of Pregnant women or any other serious health problem then the above given tips should be followed under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

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