How to Cure Diseases through Bengal Gram-Diabetes-Digestive system-Anaemia-Painful Menstruation-Sexual Dysfunction-Hair and Skin


Dear Readers, One of the most pulses in India is Bengal Gram. It is whole dried seeds and consumed in the form of dhal. Bengal gram is originated in western Asia. It is not only tasty food but also have medicinal properties in it, which cures diseases and makes the skin healthy and beautiful. The crop was known to the hebrews, ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Its cultivation areas are India, Egypt, Pakistan, Burma and other mediterranean countries, South America, Ethiopia and tropical Australia.

Bengal Gram
Bengal Gram

Bengal Gram (Whole dried seeds) Contains

Moisture 9.8%, fat 5.3%, protein 17.1%, fibre 3.9%, carbohydrates60.9%, phosphorus 331 mg, calcium 202 mg, vitamin C 3 mg, iron 10.2 mg and small amount of B complex.

Moisture 9.9, fat 5.6%, protein 20.8%, fibre 1.2%, minerals 2.7%, carbohydrates 59.8%, phosphorus 312, calcium 56 mg, iron 9.1 mg, vitamin C 1 mg and vitamin B complex in small quantity.

Diabetes Cure through Bengal Gram

Bengal gram water extract is enhances the utilization of glucose in both normal persons and in diabetics. According to the research done at CFTRI Laboratories in Mysore on a chronic diabetic patient whose insulin was 40 units per day. They were kept on diet, which include Bengal gram extract then the patient insulin requirement was reduced to 20 units per day. Diabetic patients who are on diet includes liberal amount of Bengal gram extract have shown excellent improvement in their blood sugar levels.

Digestive system
Digestive system

Digestive system Disorders

Obtain a acid liquid by dew drops from the Bengal gram leaves, spread a thin white cloth over the leaves over the crop at night. This liquid contains 6 percent oxalic acid, 94 percent malic acid and this liquid has medicinal properties in it. It works as an astringent for use in vomiting, dyspepsia, costiveness, indigestion, dysentery and diarrhoea.

Anaemia cure through Bengal Gram

Juice of Bengal gram leaves contains iron in good quantity therefore it is an excellent remedy for iron deficiency anaemia. Take Bengal gram leaves juice with honey daily till it get cure.

Painful Menstruation
Painful Menstruation

Painful Menstruation Cure

Put the entire Bengal gram plant in a hot water and take bath with this water to get rid of painful menstruation. It will more beneficial in the form of sitting steam bath.

Sexual Dysfunction Cure through Bengal Gram

Puffed Bengal gram flour contain more nutrients and an excellent remedy for impotency and premature ejaculation. To get bet result take Bengal gram flour add two spoon sugar, dates powder and skimmed milk powder. Pack it in tin and use regularly.

Beautiful Skin and Hair
Beautiful Skin and Hair

Hair and Skin Disease Cure

Flour of Bengal gram is very good and effective cleansing and it can use regularly which works as cosmetic bleaches the skin. Allergic skin diseases as contact dermatitis, eczema and scabies can be cured by washing the skin with this flour paste. Bengal gram flour cures pimples. Mix flour with curd make thick paste and apply on face and after 1 hour wash off with normal water. Wash the hair with Bengal gram flour to keep it clean, soft and to get rid of different hair diseases.

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