Eye Care-Best Tips


Dear Readers, Never block peripheral vision, which is common practice of few people who get too involved in close, detailed work. Don’t try to be distracted, but keep yourself aware what is going on around you. While writing or reading breathe properly. If you feel breathing is shallow, now and then take a few deep breaths.

Eye Care-Best Tips
Eye Care-Best Tips
  • While you read a book the most important factor after every 20 minutes take a break to protect your eyes. Look up out of the window or across the room, at distant objects. For at least 2 minutes continue the same. Till the distant object is quite clear continuing work near points do not resume. You may feel that looking out of window every so often is waste of time. But at the end you feel relaxed and you will be able to absorb more, The most important thing is that don’t push your eyes where there is nothing past the points they can adapt to the strain and when you want to see clearly at a hundred feet or play cricket they give you trouble.
  • While reading or writing after every hour get up and stretch and move around. Look at the horizon and take deep breaths. Make sure that your distant vision is as clear as it was before reading.
  • Never indulge in close-range work, by keeping awake yourself till late hours. Don’t forget that more rest is necessary for the eyes than your body.
  • In a reading vehicle never read and never read when you are sick. When you are bedridden or travelling reading will may give you pleasure, but you never like to drive away boredom at the cost of good sight which is precious.
Maintain Distance While Watching Television
Maintain Distance While Watching Television

Care While Watching Television

Television manufacturer assured that X–Rays (radiation leakage) had been reduced to until the set is working properly.  Always sit six feet away from the television screen to protect your eyes. Never sit too far from the screen that you have to give strain to your eyes to see the details on the screen.

  • Never off the lights while watching television even if it is late night. At least keep the small light on as the illumination of the room should be such as it should match the screen of the television.
  • Sit comfortably while watching television, with the back supported fully and head slightly drooping backward and the eyes remain partly shut. Every after half an hour take a break, just as suggested above while doing close-range work. Don’t stare continuously on the screen keep blinking your eyes every now and then.
Maintain Diastance While Knitting and Sewing
Maintain Diastance While Knitting and Sewing

Care While Knitting and Sewing

  • Knitting and sewing also comes under close range jobs and while discussing suggestion made above about ‘Reading’ follow the same points here as well.
  • At the stitches or cloth never stare but keep the eye sight moving along with the pin or needle.

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