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Dear Readers, It is a truism the nearby stationery objects appear as moving in opposite direction when you are moving. When you are in train which is moving at some speed, look out of the window all the things looks like moving in opposite direction at the same speed. This is an illusion that degrees vary in all circumstances in which we are moving.

Move around in a room first the objects will appear as shifting and then it will look like their position is shifting either to the right side or left side of us. This also an illusion, for it is we who are moving, and not the objects.

Eye Care Exercise 1
Eye Care Exercise 1

Eye Care Exercise 1

  • Comfortably stand with your feet a few inches apart from each other, at the sides hands should be hanging loosely, or in front clasped loosely.
  • One side sway the whole body, stay about one foot from the body, the body weight will be on one foot.
  • Sway back to the original position, repeat the same on the other side and the body weight will be on other foot.
  • While practicing this exercise make sure that the foot are firmly placed on the ground.
  • At the hips or neck never bend but ensure that the shoulders, head and hip all move together while practicing exercise.
  • The swaying time should be only for 2 seconds for each side.
  • Practice this exercise for few minutes till you feel that you are getting the easy sense of physical balance, then you close your eyes and try the same again and again till you get the easy balance with your eyes closed or open.
Eye Care Exercise 2
Eye Care Exercise 2

Eye Care Exercise 2

  • In the middle of a room sit comfortably in a chair facing a chart on a wall.
  • One hand fingertips hold about a foot from your face, and in line with the chart middle.
  • With the help of the other hand you can support your elbow.
  • To the left side turn your head very slowly, and your hand will look like moving from the middle of the chart over to the right side at just with the same speed.
  • Now close your eyes and visualise the same hand movement across the chart.
  • Mentally practise by focusing on the hand at near distance and change the focus to the chart at long distance, be conscious while you are moving the objects also move.

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  1. says

    Hi Sazia

    As bloggers, probably spending many more hours in front of screens than the majority of the population, eye care should be very close to our hearts.

    I am guilty of not taking as much care of my eye-sight as I should do, and will look forward to reading your eye exercises with interest.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • says

      Hi Joy Healey mam, Yes i have seen maximum people who are using computer facing sight problems. It is necessary to take care to prevent further complications and to improve vision health. Thanks for visiting and for your feedback.

  2. says

    Hi Sazia ,
    very good advice for everybody ,
    not only for the ones with eye problems .
    Exercise is very good to prevent all kind of issues.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Thank you

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