Eyes Shifting-Alternate Focus of Vision


Dear Readers, The brain and the eyes give image of three dimensions of the world. Tiny upside-down images of an object or scene receives by two retinas. For objects nearer 20 feet, each retina has different slightly, flat, two-dimensional view. The view difference called as visual disparity.

From each eye the separate views reach the brain. The parts, which is acceptable instantly reassembled into a fresh new picture-size-life and three dimensional, having height, depth and breath.

Eyes Shifting Exercise
Eyes Shifting Exercise

Eyes Shifting

  • The normal function is called shifting which is done normally unconsciously.
  • Shifting has both types of characters involuntary and voluntary.
  • Movement of the eyes from one point to another by will is known as voluntary shifting.
  • Automatic, continuous and very slight is known as involuntary shift.
  • In order to exercise the eyes muscles shifting should be frequent.
  • Practice eyeballs frequent shifting in the following manner: Remove your glasses, first look at a word, then look at a couple of words beyond that word, then look back at the first word, repeat this process until the words looks clear, relaxing as you practice. This constant shifting practice is helpful to exercise the eye muscles.
  • Normal vision person can practice this eyes exercise, look at the moon :), frequently blink eyes, shift vision from one side to another side of the moon, repeat the same process which makes the moon stand out more clearly.
  • The continuous involuntary shift is invisible, and in frequency corresponds with the image rate which is produced in retina.
  • When one focus on large area, the eye makes a large and muscular movement which is visible from one side to another side, the eyeballs movements becomes natural in these conditions.
  • When one focus on a small area, there is a tendency to keep the eye fixed and focused more or less as everything that one wants to view is within the range of the eye, making unnecessary muscular movements leads to strain.
  • In such cases need to move the focus continuously even though in small areas.
  • Shifting focus exercise is using two or more objects of the same colour and pattern, place in different distances. Absorb an object details that is easily visible, then shift to another object, absorb its details, and then shift to third object. By seeing the colour and the details of the first object, you will be able to see the same colour and details of the two other objects.
  • The voluntary shifting is short in range but frequent when the eye is relaxed.
  • Practice fine and well-trained eyeballs movements for the relaxation of the muscles.

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Alternate Focus of Vision
Alternate Focus of Vision

Alternate Focus of Vision

  • To improve eye muscles flexibility, alternate the focus continuously from a near point to distant one.
  • Hold up a finger 15 inches far from your face, with the eyes line, look at finger clearly. Now switch the focus to some other object beyond finger in the same direct line. You will notice that while you focus on beyond object, there seem to be two fingers shadow. Then look at back to the finger and repeat the same process again.
  • Stand near window and look at the spot on the window, then switch outside the window to some other spot at some far distance, to improve muscles flexibility.
  • Practice these exercises with each eye separately 5 times before practice them together to get maximum benefits.
  • People who spend a lot of time in reading, in front of computers and strain their eyes must practise these exercises as it is especially beneficial to them.
  • Look at the seconds’ hand of a watch move, for a few moments also beneficial.

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