Fenugreek-Cure Dandruff-Stomach disorders-Fever-Sore throat-Respiratory infections-Body odour-Bad breathe-Diabetes


Dear Readers, Fenugreek has excellent medicinal properties for beauty and health. This is already experimented and proved by doctors, researchers and beauticians. It is also experimented at homes and proved an excellent remedy for beauty and health benefits.

Cure Dandruff
Cure Dandruff

Cure Dandruff

Fenugreek seeds are useful to get rid of dandruff. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water and morning grind o make paste. Apply this paste on all over the scalp and leave on for one hour. Now wash-off hair with shikakai and soapnut solution. Fenugreek leaves paste also very beneficial to cure dandruff.

Stomach disorders

Make decoction with fenugreek seeds and take to cure inflamed stomach and intestines problems. It also works like cleanser for stomach, kidneys, bowels and respiratory tract of extra mucus. It cures peptic ulcer as it passes through the stomach and intestines works like a protective shell for the ulcers.


Make tea from fenugreek seeds is an excellent remedy for fever. It is beneficial as a cleansing and soothing drink. The fenugreek seeds when soaked in water are slightly mucilageous itself. Fenugreek decoction has the power to dissolve sticky substance as body mucus.

Cure Sore throat
Cure Sore throat

Cure Sore throat

Make gargle from fenugreek seeds decoction to cure sore throat. To make gargle solution take 2 spoons fenugreek seeds and boil in 2 glasses of water for 30 minutes on low flame. Allow it to get cool don’t gargle with hot decoction. When it is normal hot strained it and use as gargle.

 Respiratory Infections  

When respiratory problems are on early stages, like influenza, catarrah, bronchitis, sinusities and suspected pneumonia, Fenugreek seeds tea helps the body for perspiration production, it dispel toxicity and shortens liver period. Give 4 cups daily to patient. Slowly reduce the quantity as condition improves. Add few drops of lemon juice to get good result. During this treatment no form of food and nourishment should be taken. These respiratory problems get cure within few day.

Body Odour and Bad breathe
Body Odour and Bad breathe

Body Odour and Bad breathe

Fenugreek tea also useful, to get rid of bad breathe and body odour. The unpleasant odour from body is due to accumulations of hardened mucus and toxic substances in the oral passages and nasal, the gastrointestinal tract, bloodstream, urinary tract and other body secret organs. Fenugreek tea on regular basis helps to remove, these accumulation from such places where mouth wash and soaps cannot penetrate.


Fenugreek seeds are excellent treatment for diabetic. According to a recent report which is brought by the Indian council of medical research as shown in press trust of India on 6th January 1988, when fenugreek seeds give to patient with different doses from 25gm to 100 gm regularly, diminish reactive hyperglycaemia in diabetic. When the seeds consumed the level of glucose in the patient’s body get reduced.

The report also mentioned quoting researchers at the nutrition national institute, Hyderabad, according to the report taking fenugreek seeds quite dramatic, when it is consumed with 1300 calories per day, which is necessary for diabetic patients.


Due to its cooling properties, a poultice of the leaves can be applied on swellings with advantage in internal, external and burns.

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This is about Fenugreek-Cure Dandruff-Stomach disorders-Fever-Sore throat-Respiratory infections-Body odour-Bad breathe-Diabetes. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this Fenugreek-Health Benefits-Cure Disease article, please share it to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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