Garlic Benefits and Garlic Medicinal Facts Part 2


Dear Readers, Today I will discuss about Garlic Benefits and Garlic Medicinal Facts Part 2 in this article which is precious vegetable with lots of medicinal qualities. An analysis of garlic shows garlic contain high percentage of minerals and vitamins. 
Garlic is useful for different diseases and infections like deafness, asthma, cough, heart, hair, leucoderma, worms, piles, leprosy, fever, chest pain, high blood pressure, cancer, ulcer, liver and gall bladder troubles. Garlic has high healing power.
Garlic Benefits and Garlic Medicinal Facts

Indigestion Problem

Crushed cloves of garlic infused in milk and take morning and before bed is beneficial remedy for indigestion and all other indigestion related disorders. 
Garlic has antiseptic properties and is very useful for infectious diseases and in stomach and intestine inflammations. It is also useful for diarrhea. Garlic destroys harmful bacteria in the intestine without affecting aid digestion.

Heart attack

Some doctors says Garlic break up cholesterol in the blood vessels, prevent of hardening of arteries which leads to blood pressure and heart attack. Garlic brings down cholesterol level which minimize the chances of new heart attack.

Whooping Cough

A pod of Garlic peel and grind and boil in pure vinegar for 5 minutes. Strain and throw away garlic extract, then mix equal quantity of honey to it and preserve in a bottle. This Garlic syrup 1 spoon morning and before bed is excellent remedy for whooping cough.


Need to chew daily thrice in a day a garlic clove as it removes membrances, helps to reduce temperature. Need to use for days to get complete cure from membrane. The diphtheria  patient has no smell and taste and merely finds the garlic hot. Garlic is very beneficial for diphtheria patient.

Skin Problems

Garlic is marvelous for a variety of skin diseases. In case of pimples rub raw garlic on pimples twice in a day. Garlic clears pimples, scars and boils. Take three Garlic flakes per day helps to clear minor skin problems as it purify the blood steam. Garlic is used as a food and seasoning.
Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately and above given steps and home remedies should be followed under doctor supervision.
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