Health and Beauty with Pigeon Pea-Baldness Cure-Jaundice Cure-Breast Milk Secretion-Inflammation Cure-Piles Cure


Dear Readers, The most important pulses in India are pigeon pea. It has many medicinal properties which cures so many diseases without any side effects. It is not only beneficial for health but also an excellent remedy for beauty. It is 1 to 4 metres tall woody and short lives shrub. It has deep taproot hairy and angled stems with arranged leaves. Fruit looks like flattened pod with different size seeds and with different colour.


Pigeon pea is earlier grown in tropical Africa. It reached the pacific till 1772. Pigeon pea is now widely spread all over the tropics.  Cultivation included India, philippens, Malaysia, Indonesia, the carribean west and east Africa.

Pigeon Pea Contains

Moisture 13.4%, minerals 3.5%, fat 1.7%, protein 22.3%, carbohydrates 57.6%, fibre 1.5%, minerals 3.5%, iron 5.8%, calcium 73g, phosphorus 304 mg and vitamin B complex small quantity.

Medicinal properties in Pigeon Pea

Pigeon pea is suitable to all as it is easily digestible. Pigeon pea causes wind in the intestines and hyper acidity. People who have gastric ulcer and heart diseases need to avoid pigeon pea as it is harmful for them.


Baldness Cure

Make the paste of pigeon pea and apply regularly which highly useful and beneficial to cure bald patches. Leave until it gets dry and wash off with plain water.


Jaundice Cure

Make juice with pigeon pea leaves and take with little salt is an excellent remedy to cure jaundice. In this condition take 60 ml juice daily.


Breast Milk Secretion Checking

Take pigeon pea leaves and pulses then grind and make paste. Warm and apply over the mother, has the effect of secretion of breast milk checking.

Inflammattion Cure
Inflammattion Cure

Inflammattion Cure

To cure inflammatory conditions use leaves of the plant. Use the poultice made with the seeds reduces swelling problems.

Piles Cure

Take pigeon pea leaves and make paste keep aside. Take neem leaves and make paste. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of piles and arms itching problems. Mix and take once daily, for a week.

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    Hi Sazia

    Impressive this is just awesome. You know that I was never aware that Pigeon pea was in Africa. I didn’t even know what Pigeon pea is till today

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    Hi Sazia,

    Thanks for introducing us to pigeon pea. I hadn’t come across it before. Although it sounds as if I’m unlikely to be able to buy it locally. But you never know when these things become more available and your article will surely increase the demand.

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      Hi Joy Healey mam, Thank you so much for your appreciation. This world is like if you are giving free something they don’t value it.. If you sell the same for huge amount people run to buy it. 🙂

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