Health Benefits of Wheat-Tooth Problems-Constipation Cure-Skin diseases-Digestive System-Circulatory Disorders


Dear Readers, Wheat is one of the most common cereals used in all over the world. It provides energy, minerals and vitamins. It is an excellent remedy for health-building and to cure different diseases. It also makes the skin fresh and beautiful.

Wheat Contains

Wheat is widely used to make bread than any other cereal because of its quality and protein known as gluten.

Whole Wheat Flour:- Moisture 12.2%, minerals 2.7%, fat 1.7%, protein 12.1%, fibre 1.9%, carbohydrates 69.4%, phosphorus 355 mg, iron 11.5 mg, Calcium 48 mg and vitamin B complex in small amount.

Health Benefits of Wheat
Health Benefits of Wheat

Refined Wheat Flour:- Moisture 13.3%, mineral 0.6%, protein 11.0%, fat 0.9%, carbohydrates 73.9%, fibre 0.3%, phosphorus 12.1%, calcium 23mg, iron 2.5mg and vitamin B complex in small amount.

Gluten helps to make the dough stick together and it is able to retain gas. The wheat germ or embryo is rich in fat, protein and B vitamins. The outer layer endosperm and aleurone contain more quantity of protein, phytic acid and vitamins than the inner endosperm. Most of the protein and starch exists in the inner endosperm.

Medicinal Properties in Wheat

Every wheat grain supplies elements which is required for the human body. Gluten and starch provided energy and heat to the body. Wheat contains germ vitamin B and E and protein which help to repair and build the muscular tissue. Wheat germ is removed in the refining process which is rich in vitamin E, the lack of wheat germ in wheat leads to heart disease. While refining minerals and vitamins gets destroy which leads to constipation and other digestive problems.

The whole wheat includes wheat germ and bran which prevent diseases like constipation, heart disease, ischaemic, colon disease (diverticulum), obesity, diabetes and appendicitis.

Tooth Problems
Tooth Problems

Tooth Problems

Wheat prevents and cures pyorrhoea. It takes time to eat wheat, while chewing wheat with other foods it provides needed exercise to the gum and teeth. Wheat grass is an excellent mouth wash which cures sore throat and pyorrhoea. It also cures and prevent tooth ache and tooth decay. Chewing wheat grass is beneficial as it draws out gum’s toxins and checks bacterial growth.

Constipation Cure

While milling of the wheat flour the wheat bran gets discarded is wholesome and provides more nourishment than the flour itself. Bran laxative effect is more superior than any green vegetables and fruit. The bran is beneficial to cure constipation due to its cellulose concentration.

Skin diseases
Skin diseases

Skin diseases

It has been proved scientifically that chlorophyll arrests development of harmful bacteria. Wheat germ therapy can be used for ulcer wounds and skin diseases. It also promotes cells activity and re-growth. Wheat grass poultice can be applied on the skin wounds or on any other skin problems as it works as a sterilizer.

Dust wheat flour on inflamed surface of the skin like scalds, burns, various burning and itching eruptions. Take whole wheat flour and mix in vinegar boil and apply on the akin to cure freckles.

Digestive System Disorders

Wheat grass juice works as an enema helps detoxify the walls of the colon. Give an enema with neem or lukewarm water. After 15 minutes, give 120 ml wheat grass enema to the patient. This enema cures and prevents colon disorders, mucous and colitis ulcer, bleeding piles and chronic constipation.

Circulatory Disorders
Circulatory Disorders

Circulatory Disorders

Wheat grass contains chlorophyll which enhances lungs and heart functions. While blood poisoning is reduced capillary activity increases. In the blood and haemoglobin iron increases, lung functions better, oxygen improves and carbon-dioxide effect minimised. That is the reason wheat grass is beneficial for circulatory disorders.

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Uses of Wheat

In India, Iran and Pakistan whole wheat flour chapattis are common. Wheat taken in the shredded form is very good for health and wholesome which is known as dalia. It is olden days it is Indians favorite dish.


Dalia:- Soak 2 table spoon of crushed wheat for 1 hour. Now cook on slow flame till the water dries up. Add milk and honey for taste. It provides nourishment and good for health.

Wheat Grass for Inner Health and Beautiful Skin get rid of different diseases through natural remedies. Watch wheat grass video here.

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    Hi Sazia,

    It’s good that you show the differences between whole wheat flour and refined wheat flour. Because the refinement process strips out the bran and wheatgerm, removing the fibre and nutrients. So many of the health benefits of whole wheat re lost in the refining process.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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    Hi Sazia ,
    the natural organic whole wheat is very beneficial and you did a also write about
    the amazing benefits of wheat grass and did a great video .I am missing the link here:)
    Unfortunately, many people have a gluten-allergy here and think it is from natural wheat ,
    but it is usually because the Wheats are not in a natural form anymore and most is GMO,
    especially if it is in processed food.
    But organic and natural grown wheat is really a blessing.
    Thank you for this great post

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