Herbal Beautician Course-Skin Problems-Natural Toners and Fresheners through Cucumber and Rose water-Corn Flower-Orange and Lemon peels-Ice cubes-Lemon tree Flowers for Men and Women


Dear Readers, Women in ancient times use to remove unwanted hair and they use to remove hair through ash from incense sticks. Lemon juice mixing with sugar used to remove unwanted hair regularly. Today for this purpose women go to beauty parlors nothing is change. The future goes way back to past.

Natural skin
Natural Beautiful skin

Centuries back women and men in India have used always fruits, flowers, herbs to make themselves beautiful. As far as natural aids of beauty and herbs are concerned we have a wealth of knowledge. In fact make-up and beauty ritual in ancient time was more elaborate than even today.

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Cucumber and Rose Water
Cucumber and Rose Water

Cucumber and Rose Water

Take one cucumber grate it. Add rose water three spoons to cucumber and grind and refrigerate. Use this as a toner for dry sunburn skin and suitable to all types of skin. Apply all over face, neck and forehead. Leave for 25 minutes and wash off. It is excellent for sun-burn and dry skin.



Take cornflowers one handful. Boil 250ml water in a pan and add flowers to it. Allow to get it cool and mash the flowers well. Add one teaspoon witch hazel stir well. Strain and store in a jar. Use as an astringent it is very effective for all types of skin.

Orange and Lemon peels
Orange and Lemon peels

Orange and Lemon peels

Take orange and lemon peels and dry them in sun rays. When they get dry and brittle make powder and store in jar. This powder can used for different types of face preparations like as an exfoliate, moisturising face pack and as an astringent.

Orange and Lemon peels Astringent:

Take orange and lemon peels powder add rose water 3 table spoon and water 3 table spoon. Stir well and apply this on all over face, neck and forehead. Avoid eye surrounding area. Leave on when it gets dry wash off. This is very beneficial astringent which shrinks open pores, cures blemishes and get rid of pimples forever.

Ice cubes
Ice cubes

Ice cubes

Rub ice cubes on all over the face. This helps to increase blood circulation and tighten the pores. It is an instant and inexpensive toner for all types of skin. Don’t wash with hot water immediately after using this it will damage your skin. Let it come to its normal position naturally.

Lemon tree Flowers
Lemon tree Flowers

Lemon tree Flowers

Take lemon flowers one handful to make a complexion lotion. Boil 250ml of water in a pan and add flowers to it. Let it get cool smash steamed flowers well. Strain then add rose water in equal quantity and store it in a jar. Refrigerate the liquid.

After bath after cleansing face or before bedtime apply on all over the face, neck and forehead leave it to get dry. Its better to use before bed time and leave it on overnight.

This is about Herbal Beautician Course-Skin Problems-Natural Toners and Fresheners through Cucumber and Rose water-Corn Flower-Orange and Lemon peels-Ice cubes-Lemon tree Flowers for Men and Women. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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  1. says

    What a refreshing post Sazia, it is lovely to read these natural recipes and see the lovely images you have included.

    I believe in, and use only naturally produced skin products and avoid chemicals, and I love the smell of the natural products.

    I have not tried my own since I was a child, when I loved to collect rose petals to make rose water, although I don’t remember what I used it for.

    I love the scent of rose, and have the aroma in my house, and love how you use it in your recipes.

    Do you have a recipe for rose water?

    ~ Jacs
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…The Networking Superstars 10,000 Family Freedom ProjectMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Jacs Henderson mam, Thank you…Yes natural things gives natural beauty to the skin. I also like rose and rose smell so much. I use rose spray as it gives a kind of fresh feelings. Yes I will write recipe about rose water in my coming articles.

  2. says

    Very informative article on skin care.
    I had never heard of Lemon flowers before. I know that rosewater is used for many potions
    and have used cucumber before. I liked the drying of lemon and orange peels and grinding
    them down to a power, this is easily done.

    Thanks, very useful post.

    • says

      Hi Kathryn mam, Thank you.. yes orange and lemon peels powder we can use as astringent, Moisturiser pack and as an exfoliate. It has complete skin care quality in it.

  3. says

    Hi Sazia,
    it is true,there is a wealth of knowledge from the past
    and people used natural things for beauty, which was
    more healthy and efficient. But today people usually are
    using finished products and do not take the time to use
    this natural skin care. I tink that is better to use only edible
    things for the skin care.
    Thank you


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