How to Wear a Saree-Bengali Saree Style-Devdas Variation Saree Style-Wrap-around Saree Styles


Dear Readers, Saree is the most sensual Indian attire and all knows how to wear it i formal way. Look utmost fashionable by wearing it in different styles. Let’s learn the art of how to wear a saree.


Simple Bengali Saree Style

The opposite end of the palav (hem), wrap one round around the waist. Then folded palav-end (hem) take back from the right side and bring it up onto the left side shoulder. At the back let the palav (hem) drop to the required length then on the left shoulder pin it up.

Middle part of the saree fold in equal folds and the folded part push in the right side of the waist. With equal folds the palav-end (hem) can be pinned-up on the left side shoulder or leave it unfolded it’s your choice.

Note:- This Bengali saree style gives young look only when the saree is plain or the saree with work on its border.


Devdas Variation Saree Style

The opposite end the hem wrap one round from the left side around the waist and in second round bring it to the front. Then take the palav long end from the front to the left shoulder and let it drop back side till below the knees. On the left shoulder pin it up.

From the right back bring the last fold and pin it up with blouse on the left back side by taking it from below side of the end of the palav. The loose part of the saree arrange on the right side in scattered folds.

Note:- For Devdas Variation Saree Style use only the saree with border.


Wrap-around Saree Styles

The opposite palav end wrap one round around the waist. Then the palav-end, fold in equal folds. Attach safety pins to the palav-end with two feet distance till the saree-border gets over. Then from the left side take the loose round of the pinned palav-end on the waist and from the right side bring it to the front. In the same way take three more loose rounds and the loose end bring on to the left shoulder. Drop the loose at the back side.

Now from these all three rounds on the waist pull the lowest side round, after taking out pins from it. Pull another round which above the lowest round and set it carefully. Now pull the uppermost and set above the two lower rounds. Keep the same distance among each round. Dropping from the left shoulder, leave the loose end.

Note:- For this Wrap-around Saree Styles use only the saree with decent border. If the figure of the woman is slim this style looks gorgeous on her.

Cover the body with palav as per your wish it is not necessary to wear as given in above pictures.

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This is about Bengali Saree Style-Devdas Variation Saree Style-Wrap-around Saree Styles. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share it in order to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beautician course soon.

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    Thank you for the article. A great insight on the fashion statement of Saree. My culture wears similar but wrapped differently. When I was young my mum had some Indian friends at the university and she will dress similar. It is a beautiful way to show a ladies figure. I never understood the who fashion statement. It was later I understood the meaning of the red dot on the four head.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    I love clothes that are versatile and can be used in different ways for different effects. Great post and the pictures are a lovely illustration of your topic.

    Enjoy the journey!

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