Methods of Perfect Make-up


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Method of Perfect Make-up, Single Base Perfect Make-up, Double Base Perfect Make-up.

Methods of Perfect Make-up
Methods of Perfect Make-up

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Single Base Perfect Make-up

Clean the face with cleanser suitable to your skin type.

Take any branded concealer and cover the all face problems like pimple marks, scars, blackheads, under eye-dark circles etc.

Apply translucent powder suiting to your skin color and tone.

Apply the eye shadow which matching and suitable to your costume.

Apply the highlighter on the eyebrows below three fourth (3/4) part.

Take eyebrow defining powder and define the eyebrows or define with eyebrow pencil.

Always apply the eyeliner which is branded and waterproof.

Apply blusher which matching your skin tone.

Apply the mascara which is branded quality and water proof.

Apply lipstick as per your wish but remember it should be suitable to the occasion.

Double Base Perfect Make-up
Double Base Perfect Make-up

Double Base Perfect Make-up

Cleanse your face with branded cleanser suitable to your skin.

Use concealer to cover pimple spots, pigmentation, dark circles under eye and scars.

Apply concealer and spread it all over the face matching to your skin tone.

Apply pancake make-up a thin layer mixed with water which is matching and suitable to your skin tone.

Let the pancake make-up dry off, even it with the help of sponge and spray water over it. Then take muslin cloth and dab it.

On the highlighting points apply the shimmer powder.

Apply eyeshadow which is matching and suitable to the costume. Apply highlighter on the eyebrows below three fourth (3/4) part,

Define the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or with eyebrow defining powder.

Apply eyeliner which is good branded quality and water proof.

Apply the blusher which is suitable and matching your skin tone.

Use branded good quality waterproof mascara.

Apply lipstick light or dark as per your dressing and suitable to the occasion.

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