Spicy Noodles Vegetable Biryani and Chicken or Mutton Noodles Biryani with Tomato Sauce


Dear Readers, Today I am going teach how to make spicy noodles. How many of you like noodles?? I like it very much. lets learn today’s dish.There are so many types of Noodles.loose Noodles also available in market any one you can use to make this dish.


Vegetable Noodles Biryani

Noodles                                 500 gm
Vegetables                             250 gm (carrot potato mutter)
Onions                                   250 gm
Green Chilies                          6 or 7
Tomato                                 100 gm
Ginger  paste                         1tbsp
Garlic paste                           1tbsp
Tamarind powder                   half spoon
Coriander leaves                    1 bunch
Cloves                                   5 piece
Cardamom                            5 piece
Oil                                         5 tbsp
Salt                                        For taste
Fry chopped onions and green chillies in oil add clove and cardamom and fry till light brown. Add ginger paste, garlic paste, Turmeric powder salt and fry for some time. Then add Tomatoes to it fry till it get smash add coriander leaves. cut carrot potato into small pieces. Add carrots potatoes and mutter to it. cook till done. can add any variety vegetables as per your wish. Noodles masala ready.  
Boil Noodles in another pan with water, little salt and little oil. Sieve it and ad it. Mix well keep on slow fire close the lid cook for 10 minutes.
Tasty spicy noodles ready to serve. It can be served with tomato sauce or without.               

Chicken or Mutton Noodles Biryani

After cleaning mutton or chicken add little salt and turmeric and ginger garlic paste to it and keep aside.

Same as above (Veg Noodles Biryani) the only difference is in place of vegetable mix chicken or mutton to it and cook on slow flame add some water to it if require.Chicken or Mutton or Veg masala powder of any brand can be added to it 1 tbsp while frying onions. Some people eat less masala so without masala powder also it gives good taste.

Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce

Tomatoes                  225 GM       
Onions                      20 gm
Bacon                       5 gm
Butter                       15 gm
Carrot                        20 gm
Turnip                       20 gm
Refined flour              15 gm
Salt                            to taste
Sugar                        1 tbsp
Slice onions and tomatoes.Shred carrot and turnip.Put all of them into a pan with bacon, butter and  seasoning.Cook until tender.Rub through a sieve and blend into flour and stir until it boils.Boil for 6 minutes  and remove from fire.
What else need to add?? Yes Add some love to it. means make it with love and serve it with love. Then definitely your family will eat it with love.
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    Hi sazia kazia ,,, thank you for this recipes and you have posted 2 recipes in one post good to see it … we can enjoy two recipes at one time..

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