Thyroid Disease and Solution


Dear Readers, Today I am going to discuss about thyroid disease.Now a days it became a common problem and increasing rapidly in day to day life due to food and life style.Thyroid disease assumes various forms.Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.Hyperthyroidism is a serious body condition ,Its thyroid gland’s over activity.


Women are more prone to thyroid disease. Thyroid disease is common in women who do not get sufficient rest, relaxation and over worked.
They likely to develop a sluggish thyroid after middle age.The period in older women’s life, more effected by this disease is at the menopause and thereafter, or any extra physical strain on body.


1.Hypothyroidism: the basal metabolism decreases below normal, as the result the patient tend to be slow in his/her movements.He/she suffers from cold ,constipation and puts on weight.
Other symptoms include, thickened hair,dry, scaly,puffiness in the face ,the pulse is slow,vague pains in the back and stuffiness in the joints.

2.Hyperthyroidism: The patient is nervous, weak,sensitive to heat, frequently sweats, over active and often under weight,tremor in the fingers and palpitation of the heart.

Other symptoms, bulging of the eyes and passing excessive quantity of urine.The pulse rate is rapid and may be irregular.The heart is over active and enlarged.


Hypothyroidism:Insufficient production of thyroid hormone is the main cause of hypothyroidism. Pituitary deficiency and inborn problem of the thyroid gland also one of the cause of hypothyroidism.The change comes gradually.
Hyperthyroidism:The excess amount of thyroid hormone produced by the overactive gland is the main cause of hyperthyroidism.This raises the metabolic rate of the body.

Another cause of this disease is physical or emotional stress.Heredity also plays a vital role and disease seems to run in generations.

Some other important causes of thyroid disease is , wrong feeding habit over a long period of improper style of living, together with suppressive medical treatment of other diseases in the past.

The thyroid glands plays an important role in destroying toxic matter generated in the intestines as a result of putrefaction of animal protein material, like fish,meat,eggs,cheese and milk.

Excessive intake of these foods is a cause of the overworked of thyroid glands, resulting in the clogging of the intestinal tract with toxic matter.

The overworking of the thyroid glands is complicated by wrong living habits and excessive emotionalism, both of which weaken the system.


The real treatment for thyroid disease, whether hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or any other condition of thyroid gland, is cleaning of the system, rational dietary,adequate rest and relaxation.
The patient should take fruit juices ,orange ,apple, pine apple and grapes every after 2 hours morning till night for six days.

Then the patient should spend 2 days on fruits and milk 3 times from morn till night.then after he can take a well balanced diet ,nuts and grains,seeds, vegetables and fruits, whole wheat products and potatoes.Protein foods, cheese, peas, beans lentils and nuts.

The patient should take rest and spend a day in bed every week for the first two months of the treatment.He should follow physical exercise.


Food and fruits which should avoid,White flour ,non veg,white sugar,fried and greasy food, preserves, condiments, coffee, tea and alcohol.
Great care must be taken ,emotional upset should be avoided.never become exhausted or irritation.The cure is slow.Strictly need to follow diet for one year.

So, these were the tips about Thyroid disease. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like this article please share and rate it and comment below. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.
Note:If any serious problem please consult to your doctor immediately.
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