Why Should You Start Taking Triphala?


Dear Readers, We run our life with a regular intake of artificial supplements. Though they give instant relief to our queries, it will not be more effective on a longer run. They may end up giving us some side effects as well.

We are blessed with nature that offers solutions for almost all the problems. They are so simple and highly effective, without any side effects.
Likewise, we have Triphala – an herbal concoction.

Triphala Health Benefits
Triphala Health Benefits
  • What’s Triphala?

    Triphala is a traditional herbal concoction made out of three dried fruits- Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) and Bibhitaki ( Belleric Myrobalan. ) It is a natural laxative, without any side effects. All the three ingredients has got its own benefits. When we grind these three ingredients together in equal quantities, we get Triphala – the ultimate medicine.

  • The benefits

    Some of the benefits of each individual ingredient are given below.
    While Amalaki concentrates more on immune system, Bibhitaki takes responsibility of respiratory system, and Haritaki looks after the process of detoxification. When all three are combined together, they provide innumerable benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned.
    1) Balances Tri- Dosha.
    Pitha, Kapa, Vadha ( known as Tri- Dosha ) lays the strong basis for most of the bowel, stomach and intestine problems. Triphala helps in balancing these three Doshas in the right proportions and helps in maintaining stability of the body.
    2) Enhances digestion.
    Triphala helps in detoxification of the intestines and increases the rate of absorption of vital nutrients by them. It also regulates the pace of digestion and makes it even.
    3) Indication using taste.
    The taste sense is known by the term ‘Plasma.’ When you take Triphala, you should feel all the six tastes such as sour, bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet and salty. If you feel only one taste, it means that the particular taste is missing from your diet. Steady presence of all tastes indicates healthy plasma.
    Triphala will not be sweet mostly. If you feel the sweetness, stop consuming it at once and for all.
    4) In- depth detoxification.
    There are almost 6 layers beneath your skin such as blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and fluids. Triphala detoxifies almost every layer and safe guards us from different skin diseases.
    5) Balanced cholesterol and glowing skin.
    Forger your worries for extra level of cholesterol and dull skin. Triphala’s detoxification process eliminates all the cholesterol and toxic material from the root level.
    6) Immunity boost.
    Triphala does a great work in your body. Once after you take the first dose, Triphala starts cleansing your gastric part and gives out a fresh batch of healthy nutrients for your body to absorb. If your immunity level is good, you do not need to have worries about inflammatory issues.
    7) Regulates metabolism.
    As per Ayurvedic science, obese people tend to have weak bones. If you are obese, be lucky that you found Triphala. It helps in making your bone strength and bone density strong. Once after this process gets done, Triphala induces a high rate of burning of fat in your body. Eventually, all these process yields in weight loss.
    8) Great remedy for diabetes.
    If you are worried about your rising sugar levels, start taking Triphala. Triphala’s natural properties help in increasing your body’s intake of insulin that prevents diabetes.
    9) Anti- ageing properties.
    Worried about your wrinkles and grey hair? Being a powerful anti- oxidant, Triphala helps in reducing premature hair greying, reduces hair fall rate and also delays the ageing process.
    10) Enhanced vision.
    With anti- cataract properties, Triphala protects your eyes from diseases such as cataract. It also improves your vision and makes the use of specs as an unnecessary one.

Triphala to Lose Weight
Triphala Lose Weight
  • Ways to use Triphala

By now, you would have realized that Triphala is an ultimate remedy for all our problems. Let us look onto the methods to use it.
1) Triphala tea: ½ teaspoon of Triphala powder in one cup of hot water. This should be taken in empty stomach for better results. You can drink it either during early morning or before you go to bed.
2) Triphala tablets: Two tablets can be taken in empty stomach per day. This method is suitable for people who are not comfortable with the taste of the tea.

3) Triphala juice: Add 2 teaspoons of Triphala powder to hot water and consume it two hours after dinner. Lemon or honey can be added to enhance the taste.

    • Precautionary rules

      Everything has got its own de- limiting values. Go through the list before using this concoction.
      1) Due to heavy detoxification process, you might experience headache, nausea, gastric problems and loose stools. In case if it goes beyond the limit, stop using the powder until all the issues subsidize.
      2) Pregnant women should not consume Triphala. Chances are there for the herb to induce contractions that may end up in miscarriage.
      3) You should not take Triphala if you are fasting or if you are under any diet. You may lose strength due to dehydration that takes place during cleansing process.
      If possible, consult your doctor before using Triphala powder.

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This is about Why Should You Start Taking Triphala? Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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    Wow! very impressive benefits. I am one on natural remedies. I will take a look at the site, perhaps look at more into it. Thank you for sharing the information. Your site is loaded with a lots of great information beneficial for ones health. Thank you

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    Hi Sazia,

    Triphala sounds a fascinating supplement.

    I was particularly interested in the “taste test” side of it. I’ve come across a zinc taste test before so the concept was familiar, but triphala seems to go above and beyond.

    Thanks for an interesting article.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

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    Hi Sazia ,
    I never heard the name Triphala, but I recognize the fruits from the picture.
    Will look for the botanical name in my Iranian books to see if I recognize them right.
    Natural remedies are always the best and taken the right way they help much better
    than chemicals and without side effects. Thank you for introducing Triphala ,I learned
    a new name .

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